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Season 1

  • S01E01 Trapped

    • November 30, 2008
    • Seven Network

    After Ryan's father travels to investigate the happenings at a scientific research facility, he is left alone with strangers on a nearby island base-camp until his father sends him a message to cut off all communications, leaving the base camp isolated.

  • S01E02 The Price We Pay

    • December 7, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Josh abandons Ryan in the isolated forbidden zone for destroying their communications. Surprised by Josh's actions, the girls create a plan to rescue him. Meanwhile, Maggie leaves Rob in charge of the children.

  • S01E03 A Joke's a Joke

    • December 14, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Ryan asks for the help of Natasha to find the walkie talkie from Maggie after their parents still haven't returned. Meanwhile, Zuke runs away after constant bullying by his older sister, Jarrah and Ryan answers a call from his father explaining they will not be back until week's end.

  • S01E04 Come with Me if You Want to Live

    • December 21, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Jarrah refuses to agree with Maggie demands of all the kids move into a place where they can be better supervised. Meanwhile, Natasha discovers that Josh has been hiding a secret from everyone.

  • S01E05 To Catch a Thief

    • December 22, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Natasha tries to teach Josh how to read without the others knowing and Emma during her attempt to find the food thief with Zuke, discovers while reading her sisters file, Lily is actually a thief.

  • S01E06 Haunted

    • December 23, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Zuke becomes scared after he finds a grave in the bush and Maggie decides to tell the children a different story. Meanwhile, Jarrah tries to split up Josh and Natasha.

  • S01E07 Acting Up

    • December 24, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Lily reveals to Emma, she is actually adopted, causing the sisters to face the problem without their parents. Meanwhile, the boys and the girls compete in a fishing competition to determine who will cook and clean up dinner.

  • S01E08 Yo Prince

    • December 25, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Natasha realises she has feelings for Ryan, however with Ryan's last day at base camp, she believes it's too late to say anything and an accident happens which no one is prepared for.

  • S01E09 Who Can You Trust?

    • December 26, 2008
    • Seven Network

    As their parents still haven't returned, Maggie and Josh tell the children, the boat broke down and could not transport the parents back, however Ryan, Natasha and Lily don't believe her and break into Maggie's office to retrieve the walkie talkie, however with it still broken, they decide she was lying and choose to leave to the island themselves.

  • S01E10 Warning Signs

    • December 29, 2008
    • Seven Network

    In a desperate attempt to keep the children entertained, Josh dares them to enter the forbidden area. However, what they discover is worse than they ever anticipated.

  • S01E11 What the Tide Brings

    • December 30, 2008
    • Seven Network

    Maggie's boat returns without her, prompting the question: where has she gone? Rob goes on strike when Natasha, following Maggie's directive, refuses to give him the keys to the office. Meanwhile, Lily enters the forbidden zone to find the mysterious boy.

  • S01E12 Seeing the Light

    • December 31, 2009
    • Seven Network

    As concern escalates about their parents, the kids decide what to do next. Lily and Zuke devise a way to communicate with the island.

  • S01E13 Only the Brave

    • January 1, 2009
    • Seven Network

    Ryan attempts to leave for the island, even though he has no idea which way to go or what he will find when he gets there. Rob makes a break for it while Ryan seeks comfort.

  • S01E14 Together We Are Not Alone

    • January 2, 2009
    • Seven Network

    Ryan and Jarrah risk everything and leave for the island. Meanwhile, at base camp the intruder draws nearer and Rob confesses to Natasha that he's not who he appears to be.

  • S01E15 If You Go Down Into the Woods Today...

    • January 4, 2009
    • Seven Network

    Stranded at the medical outpost on the quarantine island, Ryan and Jarrah repair their boat and decide to return home. Meanwhile, much to Lily's disgust, Josh and Rob initiate a hunt to track down the intruder. Ryan starts to question whether kissing Jarrah was the right thing to do.

  • S01E16 Danger Among Us

    • February 7, 2009
    • Seven Network

    As Rob attempts to convince everyone that Gabe is not alone, Lily sets out to prove him wrong by crossing the forbidden zone in search of answers.

  • S01E17 Turncoat

    • February 14, 2009
    • Seven Network

    To gain Rob's trust, Ryan makes a shocking decision to turn on his friends, sacrificing his relationship with Jarrah in the process.

  • S01E18 Testing Times

    • February 21, 2009
    • Seven Network

    In order to get closer to Rob and discover his secrets, Ryan betrays his friends. Meanwhile, Jarrah proves to Lily that she can trust her instincts, and Josh extends a hand of friendship to Gabe.

  • S01E19 True Colours

    • February 28, 2009
    • Seven Network

    On a mission to find Gabe's old boat, Josh is torn between loyalty to Ryan and a desire to protect Natasha's feelings.

  • S01E20 Acting Up

    • March 3, 2009
    • Seven Network

    Ryan has a dangerous accident while collecting materials to build a raft. As his life hangs by a thread, Ryan and Natasha finally declare their feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Lily, Josh and Jarrah take a stand, breaking Gabe out of prison.

  • S01E21 Good People

    • March 14, 2009
    • Seven Network

    When Rob destroys Schwartz's diary, Lily helps Gabe let go of the past and move on. Zuke stumbles upon the research lab belonging to Gabe's father and comes to realise that he has been wrong about Rob.

  • S01E22 The Wood for the Trees

    • March 21, 2009
    • Seven Network

    To everyone's shock, Jarrah refuses to be rescued and sacrifices her freedom in return for information about the island. Emma and Zuke scheme to get Rob to reveal the encoded diary to them. Josh comes to terms with just being Natasha's friend while Gabe and Lily demand answers from Ryan.

  • S01E23 Drawing the Line

    • March 28, 2009
    • Seven Network

    When Zuke goes missing, Jarrah escapes from her prison to search for him, abandoning her plan to get the map. Ryan and Natasha suffer a setback while testing the raft but are rescued by Josh and Gabe.

  • S01E24 Actions Speak Loudest

    • April 4, 2009
    • Seven Network

    Faced with the truth that both Rob and Ryan have been lying to her, Natasha has to decide between them. The boys try to convince Natasha that Rob cannot be trusted.

  • S01E25 Punchlines

    • April 11, 2009
    • Seven Network

    The kids force Rob to leave camp, but it comes back to haunt them when they discover he holds the key to Zuke's health. Gabe is invited to stay at camp, Elly plays miracle worker, and Rob has an unlikely defender.

  • S01E26 The Island

    • April 18, 2009
    • Seven Network

    The kids' plan to go to the island is thrown into disarray when a message is found from Mr. Taylor warning the kids not to come. After deciding to risk the voyage, the kids arrive at the island but discover only more questions. Abandoned, they are trapped once again, however, they are not alone...