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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Special Offers

    • September 24, 1984
    • ITV

    Trainee manager Mr Christian arrives at the store, a drunk arrives in search of a job, and police officers leave with Mr Tripper in a case of mistaken identity...

  • S01E02 Foreign Parts

    • October 1, 1984
    • ITV

    Alf reaches his 60th birthday and despite his protests, Norman retires him. But he's got a trick up his sleeve to get his job back.

  • S01E03 Games People Play

    • October 8, 1984
    • ITV

    Following a printing error all of the store's promotional bingo cards have the same numbers on, so Tripper attempts to rig the final draw so that no one wins.

  • S01E04 Token of Esteem

    • October 15, 1984
    • ITV

    Hilda's feeling broody, one of the junior staff is demanding a rise, the stock room is flooded, Alf's ill, and the regional manager is due at the store to conduct a routine inspection - just another day in the life of Norman Tripper!

  • S01E05 Alarms and Diversions

    • October 22, 1984
    • ITV

    The store's burglar alarm keeps going off - every hour, on the hour, in fact. Threatened with arrest for wasting police time, Tripper deactivates the alarm and spends the night on guard in his office. Meanwhile, the one-member union is on strike, and the store welcomes its millionth customer.

  • S01E06 Vatman and Robbin

    • October 29, 1984
    • ITV

    Tax inspectors turn up to audit the store's accounts, but with the discovery of a suspicious package in the store Tripper has bigger things to worry about!