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Season 1

  • S01E01 Glen Affric

    • August 17, 1979
    • STV (UK)

    Tom visits Glen Affric in the central Highlands of Scotland to discover how such an expanse of remote land is managed. Finlay McRae, the district's conservation officer, takes Tom deep into Glen Affric Tom is given a tour of the western encalve of Glen Affric, which stretches as far as Kintail in the west. Former deer-stalkers describe the changes in gamekeeping. Tom learns more about how changes in modern society have altered Glen Affric.

  • S01E02 Inner Loch Torridon

    • August 24, 1979
    • STV (UK)

    Tom Weir visits Inner Loch Torridon to discover the history behind the road built between Shieldaig and Loch Torridon in 1963.

  • S01E03 Loch Maree

    • August 31, 1979
    • STV (UK)

    Tom continues his travels in Wester Ross as he visits Loch Maree.

  • S01E04 North & South Applecross

    • September 7, 1979
    • STV (UK)

    This episode looks at the remote coastline of North & South Applecross

  • S01E05 Alexander Selkirk

    • November 21, 1979
    • STV (UK)

    Climber, author and broadcaster Tom Weir explores the history of Alexander Selkirk, a real-life Robinson Crusoe, who chose voluntary exile from his birthtown of Largo.

  • S01E06 Anstruther

    • November 28, 1979
    • STV (UK)

    Tom Weir visits Anstruther, part of the Royal Burgh of Kilrenny. A place where the past is always present and the language of the people seems not to have changed.

  • S01E07 Berwick Upon Tweed

    • November 12, 1980
    • STV (UK)

    A first for Tom Weir as he brings us a show from a town, and an English one at that. Celebrating it's 500th year under English rule, Berwick-Upon-Tweed had previously been Scottish.

  • S01E08 The Braes O'Mar

    • November 26, 1980
    • STV (UK)

    In this episode Tom Weir visits Braes O'Mar on the edge of one of the biggest wilderness areas in Scotland. A place passed through by untold thousands every summer.

  • S01E09 The Rise And Fall Of The Breadalbanes

    • December 10, 1980
    • STV (UK)

    Tom visits Breadalbane - "The Heights of Alba". A country where history has been hammered out and along its course, the history of Scotland can be traced over 500 years.

  • S01E10 Colliestown and Forvie

    • January 2, 1981
    • STV (UK)

    Colliestown was noted for a special delicacy of sundried Haddock grilled in butter, and one man who was very fond of them was Lawrence of Arabia, who lived here for two years.

  • S01E11 Crawton, Johnshaven and Gourdon

    • January 21, 1981
    • STV (UK)

    Kincardineshire is the focus of this episode. It's been called "The Fatherland of Robert Burns" because his Grandfather farmed just inland from here, near Stonehaven.

  • S01E12 Crianlarich to Oban

    • February 4, 1981
    • STV (UK)

    Tom Weir tours the Oban line from Crianlarich, a renowned journey that occupies a special place in his heart as it is home to the first mountains he ever climbed.

  • S01E13 Dunnottar Castle

    • February 18, 1981
    • STV (UK)

    Since Pictish times "Dunnotar" has meant "the fort in the Highland low country". In this episode, climber and author Tom Weir explores the history of its splendidly positioned castle.

  • S01E14 An Edinburgh Volcano

    • March 18, 1981
    • STV (UK)

    Tom Weir visits Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, the most studied volcano in the world and where the very beginnings of geology were laid by Edinburgh geologist James Hutton.

  • S01E15 Fast Castle to St Abb's Head

    • September 16, 1981
    • STV (UK)

    In this episode, Tom takes the 5 mile trek from the remarkable Fast Castle, built on craggs and reckoned to have been built for shipwrecking to the popular summer destination of St Abbs.

  • S01E16 Forty Miles To Skye

    • January 13, 1982
    • STV (UK)

    Tom takes the West Coast railway line from Fort William to Mallaig, one which he describes as the most thrilling forty miles in Britain.

  • S01E17 Highland Wildlife

    • February 3, 1982
    • STV (UK)

    Tom visits the Highland Wildlife Park over the A9, learning the secrets of the loneliest and highest stretch of country over 4000 feet in Britain, set in the hills above the main road.

  • S01E18 Inchcailloch

    • October 13, 1982
    • STV (UK)

    Twenty years ago the outstandingly beautiful island of Inchcailloch was known only to a few outdoor enthusiasts, it is now visited by tens of thousands every year.

  • S01E19 Isle of Eigg, Part 1

    • December 1, 1982
    • STV (UK)

    Tom begins a trip around the Isle of Eigg, a peaceful place where taking a walk you may think this was an island where nothing had happened, but its history is one of violence.

  • S01E20 Isle of Eigg, Part 2

    • December 1, 1982
    • STV (UK)

    The trip around the Isle of Eigg continues. Tom meets some of the residents and explores the lifestyles adopted by crofters who have chosen the Hebridean way of life.

  • S01E21 Isle of Muck

    • December 8, 1982
    • STV (UK)

    Tom Weir treads new ground with his first visit to the Island of Muck. With a total population of just 29, it is said to belong to the sea more than any of the other Hebridean islands.

  • S01E22 Kirkcudbright

    • April 20, 1984
    • STV (UK)

    The bonniest of all the Galloway's wee towns and villages is Kirkcudbright, the capital of the Stewartry on the estuary of the River Dee. Tom Weir explores its delights.

  • S01E23 Lady of Lawers

    • April 27, 1984
    • STV (UK)

    Tom examines the history of the Lady of Lawers, a woman whose gift of the second-sight saw many prophecies come true and how her visions carried on beyond the 17th century.

  • S01E24 Lerwick and Noss Island

    • May 4, 1984
    • STV (UK)

    Lerwick, where everything, including the language, is different welcomes Tom Weir as he continues his journey around Scotland, before setting off for the Island of Noss

  • S01E25 More A Way Of Life

    • May 11, 1984
    • STV (UK)

    Tom Weir speaks to the crofting community of Abriachan, overlooking Loch Ness, a hidden treasure often missed by visitors who are busy looking for monsters on the water.

  • S01E26 The New Settlers

    • June 1, 1984
    • STV (UK)

    Tom meets the New Settlers of Kenmore, where he meets some of the talented craftsmen and women of the area and witnesses their remarkable works, including wood and horn carvings.

  • S01E27 North East Scotland

    • January 20, 1985
    • STV (UK)

    Tom makes his way round the North-East of Scotland in this episode, visiting the coastal village of Gardenstown before moving on to his favourite fishing village, Pennan.

  • S01E28 Orkney Isles

    • January 27, 1985
    • STV (UK)

    The islands of the Orkneys are occupied by owner-farmers, descendants of those who survived the bad farming times of the 1920 and 30s. Tom Weir examines their way of life.

  • S01E29 Ospreys

    • February 3, 1985
    • STV (UK)

    Tom heads to Loch Garten to meet with the one millionth visitor to the Osprey Centre and to hear more about the Scottish home of these birds, previously thought to have been extinct.

  • S01E30 Peter Buchan

    • August 7, 1985
    • STV (UK)

    Peter Buchan, poet and fisherman amongst other things, joins Tom to talk about his work and the people and places that have inspired it, including Peterhead harbour.

  • S01E31 The Prince In The Hebrides

    • April 16, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Tom recounts the tale of Bonnie Prince Charlie's accidental landing on the Benbecula coastline after the battle of Culloden and his journey across the Hebrides thereafter.

  • S01E32 Roman Village

    • June 30, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Author and climber Tom Weir journeys to Cramond, or Caer Amon - "The Fort in the River" - used by the Romans to receive materials for the building of Antonine's Wall.

  • S01E33 Rough Bounds

    • July 7, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    In this episode, Tom walks in the footsteps of Bonnie Prince Charlie, travelling to Culloden to take us on a tour of the area's scenery and to delve into its rich history

  • S01E34 Royal Deeside

    • July 14, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Queen Victoria's diaries have given us a unique record of what life was like in Royal Deeside in the second half of the 19th century. Tom explores the area to find out more for himself.

  • S01E35 Ruthwell

    • July 21, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Tom visits Ruthwell, the home town of The Rev. Dr. Henry Duncan, the man who founded the world's first savings bank as a means of battling poverty in the local area.

  • S01E36 Selkirk, Part 1

    • August 11, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Tom begins a tour around Selkirk, a place rich in history and home of the 'Kirk O' The Forest', where William Wallace was proclaimed Guardian of Scotland in 1298.

  • S01E37 Selkirk, Part 2

    • August 18, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Tom Weir's visit to Selkirk continues. In this episode he takes part in the local pageant, meeting the standard bearers who have the honour of casting their flags in the market square.

  • S01E38 The Seven Men

    • August 25, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Tom recounts the tale of The Seven Men of Glenmoriston, who protected Bonnie Prince Charlie from capture after the Battle of Culloden, despite a reward being offered for his capture.

  • S01E39 Skipness

    • September 1, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Skipness, "The Ship Point", is the destination for Tom Weir in this episode as he explores the small village in Kintyre, meeting its residents and finding out about its history.

  • S01E40 South End Of Kintyre

    • September 8, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Weir's Way takes him on a trip around the South of the Kintyre peninsula, visiting Campbeltown, Dunaverty and eventually meets the lighthouse keeper of the Mull.

  • S01E41 Sydney Scroggie

    • September 15, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Tom spends time with Sydney Scroggie, a man who was left blind and one-legged by a mine in World War 2, who remained passionate about the mountains despite losing his sight.

  • S01E42 At Tarbert Kintyre

    • December 30, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    In this episode, Tom meets some of the residents of Tarbert in Kintyre, a small harbour village proving very popular with summer yachtsmen and tourists who stop off for a day or two.

  • S01E43 Tillicoultry/Loch Leven Castle/Arran

    • March 1, 1988
    • STV (UK)

    Tom looks back on his trips to Tillicoultry, Arran and Loch Leven Castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned, before escaping in 1568, although he meets a man who has a different theory..

  • S01E44 Torridon The Oldest Glen

    • STV (UK)

    Glen Torridon is said by geologists to be the oldest glen in the world. We can see in it the very beginning of geological time as everything is revealed, scalped to the bone.

  • S01E45 Water Wind and Fire

    • March 15, 1983
    • STV (UK)

    Tom takes a stunning trip through the skies over Loch Lomond in a hot air balloon, learning all about how this method of transport works, while enjoying breathtaking scenery.

  • S01E46 Wester Ross Loch Maree

    • September 22, 1987
    • STV (UK)

    Loch Maree is the largest freshwater loch North of the great glen, named after St Mael Ruba, and Tom takes a tour round one of her many islands finding some fascinating sights.