Under NO circumstances should you blank out episodes you feel need deleted. Users work hard to enter information into the database and deserve respect. If you feel an episode information needs edited, post in the forums first. This is the MAIN reason series get locked. Also, keep in mind that Admins/Mods have the ability to move, delete, renumber and edit episodes in batches. If 12 episodes of a series are currently in season 2 and should actually be in season 3, there is no need for you as a user to create the 12 episodes in season 3. Simply post in the forum with sources and an Admin/Mod can move and renumber all 12 episodes in less than a minute.

Episode Name and Overview

Episode name and overview management is located on the translations page.

Episode Numbering

While one would think that the episode number would be a simple affair there are several different ways that someone might choose to number the episodes on this site episodes are numbered in the order they aired on TV in the country and channel of original production. That being said the site does provide two alternative numbering methods: absolute order and DVD order.

The official number of this episode within this season. Please rely on valid sources.
If the episode was released on DVD, add the season number of the DVD here.
If the episode was released on DVD, add the episode number on the DVD here.
For series with cross-season story arcs (mostly anime), add the absolute number for this episode.

General Information

The official release date of this episode on its original network. If the episode was re-aired or syndicated in another country or on another network, the original date should still be used.

If this is a full length feature or made-for-TV movie, check this box. This should not be checked for double length episodes.


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