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Season 1

  • S01E01 Jimmy Savile

    • April 13, 2000
    • BBC Two

    Louis visits 73-year-old Jimmy Savile, the miner who became a TV and radio star.

  • S01E02 Paul & Debbie

    • February 20, 2001
    • BBC Two

    Louis joins Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee in their home beside the River Thames and on the road as the magician appears on Celebrity Ready, Steady, Cook and his wife launches a ballet company.

  • S01E03 The Hamiltons

    • December 11, 2001
    • BBC Two

    Louis follows the former Tory MP and his wife as they try to make a living as "objects of curiosity". The film features Louis on the sofa with a tipsy Christine, and following Mr and Mrs Hamilton when they are arrested over an alleged sexual scandal (both were cleared later).

Season 2

  • S02E01 Ann Widdecombe

    • March 3, 2002
    • BBC Two

    A prickly encounter with the Conservative politician in which Louis upsets her by asking about her possibly non-existent sex life and hears about her love of poetry and cats.

  • S02E02 Chris Eubank

    • March 12, 2002
    • BBC Two

    Louis joins the ex-boxer at home, in the ring and on a trip to buy jodhpurs. Eubank attempts a tongue twister and pontificates on being a role model for children.

  • S02E03 Keith Harris and Orville in Panto

    • March 19, 2002
    • BBC Two

    Louis meets the ventriloquist who no longer enjoys the TV light entertainment limelight (and can't hide his bitterness about that) but is still earning a good living. He has a flash car, an ex-model missus, a large home and a role in Crewe's pantomime.

  • S02E04 Max Clifford

    • March 26, 2002
    • BBC Two

    Louis meets the PR guru/media manipulator as he handles Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell and child star Declan Galbraith and organises a charity do involving Westlife.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Living With Louis

    • April 2, 2002
    • BBC Two

    This special discusses Louis Theroux's time with the individuals he has met on both series and contains interviews with Paul and Debbie, The Hamiltons, Jimmy Saville, Chris Eubank, Keith Harris, and Louis Theroux himself.