Host: Drew Carey Seating Order: Greg Proops, Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles. “Let’s Make A Date”: Greg is the contestant who must choose between Wayne (The Greatest Lover in France), Colin (Going Through All the Stages of Getting Drunk), and Ryan (Pig Farmer from Arkansas). “Scene to Rap”: Greg & Wayne start the Hospital Rap and are joined by Ryan & Colin. “Hats”: Greg & Wayne play against Colin & Ryan in the World’s Worst Dating Service Video. “Weird Newscasters”: Greg (as Packed Thickly) anchors the evening news with co-anchor Colin (Can No Longer Hide His Love for the Anchorman), Wayne (James Brown) on Sports, and Ryan (The Anchor’s Angry Neighbor) with the weather. “Greatest Hits”: Colin & Ryan are selling Songs of the Bus Driver. Wayne, accompanied by Laura Hall, sings the Michael Jackson song ‘You’re not on My Route’, the country-western song ‘Fssssst’, and the 80’s funk song ‘I Gotta Flat Tire, I Gotta Flat Tire’. Winner: Greg Proops & Ryan Stiles. “News Flash”: Drew is a reporter in the field (green screen), while Greg & Ryan ask him questions about the old King Kong like scenes that plays behind him. Credit Reading: None

  • Episode Number 3
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, August 19, 1998
  • Production Code 296648-106
  • Directors Ron de Moraes
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