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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 Spring

    • BBC

    As spring lights up the land, Alaska faces one of the greatest transformations on earth as light and warmth return. Alaska's transition to spring may look magical, but for those animals emerging from a long winter's sleep, it's a time of intense competition, as everyone tries to cash in on Alaska's riches.

  • S01E02 Summer

    • BBC

    The few short months of an Alaskan summer must sustain the wildlife for the whole year. No matter how hot it gets, winter is just around the corner, and there is much to do before the sun sets again. Twenty-four hour sunlight brings its own problems: forest fires, Sahara-like sand dunes in the Arctic Circle and the very speed of seasonal change serve as reminders as to how untameable Alaska is.

  • S01E03 Winter

    • BBC

    To survive the bone-chilling cold, deadly blizzards and darkness of an Alaskan winter takes courage, cunning...and remarkable endurance. In the raw beauty of windswept mountain peaks, icy tundra and snowbound forests, this is the story of the tough and resourceful characters that face up to the ultimate challenges of this land.