1. Chris Jericho vs. Montel Vontavious Porter 2. Chavo Guerrero vs. Evan Bourne 3. Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena 4. Bodyslam Challenge Santino Marella vs. The Big Show 5. Bodyslam Challenge The Big Show vs. Mark Henry 6. Tag Team Match D-Generation X vs. Chris Masters and Randy Orton Show begins, Price is Right style with Howard Finkel announcing and introduces Bob Barker. Time for the pricing game. Howard then calls out for Santino Marella, Jillian Hall, IRS & Chris Jericho….who refuses to come out. Jericho eventually comes out from the back ready to wrestle. They bid on the Best of Smackdown DVD (Hint!) Santino wants to buy a vowel. Santino bids $1,465. Jillian "sings" then bids $75. IRS wants to know if the bid includes taxes. IRS bids $50, including taxes. Jericho refuses to bid or even play along. Jericho threatens Barker and Barker blows him off. Jericho tells him to call him Mr. Jericho and that he is one half….and Barker claims that 1 is his bid. Jericho wins the DVD and Barker sends Jericho to the ring for a match and a chance to win a trip to Hawaii. Match #1: MVP vs Chris Jericho. MVP pins Jericho. Kelly Kelly helps Bob Barker shill his new book. Then DX comes in. Barker has them spin a wheel to get their opponents for tonight: Chris Masters & Randy Orton. The terror is over! Chavo doesn't have to face Hornswoggle! Barker tells Chavo that if he wins his match he can win a new car! Match #2: Evan Bourne vs Chavo Guerrero. Bourne pins Chavo after Hornswoggle interferes….in front of the ref and no DQ was called. Match #3: John Cena vs Cody Rhodes. Cena wins via DQ when Randy Orton interferes. Time for another pricing game. Replacing Jericho is Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski. (The crowd are Cubs fans) This time they're bidding on a Wrestlemania 26 package. AJ bids $1,000. IRS bids $2,000, Jillian bids $5,000 and Santino bids $1200. Santino wins. Santino has chance to win a hot tub if he wins his match. A bodyslam challenge….against the Big Show! Match #4: Bodyslam Challenge: Santino Marella vs The Big Show. Big Show wins in 14 seconds. (And Barker wasn't even paying attention) Barker has an opponent for Show. Match #5: Bodyslam Challenge: Mark Henry vs The Big Show. Henry wins. Josh Matthews interviews Bob Barker about his most memorable moments on the Price is Right and his book. Cole & Lawler are in the ring to rundown the card for Breaking Point. Chavo complains to Bob Barker and Barker beats him up. Match #6: DX vs Chris Masters & Randy Orton. Michaels beats Masters via submission. Rhodes & DiBiase try to escape with Orton but DX goes after Rhodes & DiBiase. They brawl out into the parking lot of Rhodes & DiBiase escapes. Randy Orton goes back to the ring and talks and talks and talks until John Cena comes out and they brawl.

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  • Originally Aired Monday, September 7, 2009
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