Match #1: Maryse vs Brie Bella Match #2: MVP vs Mark Henry vs Carlito vs Jack Swagger Match #3: for the Unified Tag Team Championship: DX vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show Match #4: Evan Bourne vs Sheamus Match #5: Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton Full Recap Bret "The Hitman" Hart comes to the ring. Bret talks about thanking the fans and winning his first King of the Ring in Dayton. He then calls down Shawn Michaels and once Shawn gets down Bret wants to bury the hatchet and call for a truce. Shawn tells him that Bret deserved what he got in Montreal because Bret disrespected him and the business and there's a part of him that doesn't regret a bit of it. Shawn says that he knows Bret never respected him and that he couldn't stand the sight of him and he knows the felling is mutual, but when he thinks of Bret Hart, he doesn't think of Montreal, instead he thinks of Wrestlemania XII and the Iron Man Match. Shawn tells Bret he's not the only one who wants to move on and bury the hatchet and is Bret ready. Bret says that Shawn wasn't easy to live with, but their careers shouldn't be defined by one match and to take this moment and become friends and if Shawn wants to bury the hatchet, shake his hand right now. Shawn does, then turns to walk away, but comes back to hug Bret. Shawn leaves and Bret calls out Vince McMahon, but Vince is a no show. Josh Matthews interviews Vince McMahon, and McMahon claims he was in a business meeting and didn't hear Bret call him out. Because Melina tore her ACL over the weekend, the Diva's Championship was vacated Match #1: Diva's Championship Tournament: Maryse vs Brie Bella w/Nikki Bella. Maryse pins Nikki. (Yes, they pulled the twin switch but Maryse saw it) After the match, Miz bothered Maryse. Match #2 for the #1 contender to the U.S. Championship: MVP vs Jack Swagger vs Carlito vs Mark Henry. Miz was at ringside for commentary. MVP pins Swagger. Chris Jericho plans with the Big Show. Jericho sucks up to Bret Hart and he wants Bret to be the guest ref and screw over DX. Bret says he doesn't want to screw anyone and Jericho need to do it by himself. Triple H & Hornswoggle look over all the new WWE toys. Shawn wonders what they're doing, and then Santino comes in pretending to be Jericho and H sics Hornswoggle on him. Match #3 for the Undisputed Tag Team Championship: DX w/Hornswoggle vs Chris Jericho & The Big Show. Triple H pins Jericho. Jericho is now gone from Raw for good….or the next draft/supershow/whenever the writers forget he's supposed to be gone. Randy Orton talks to Vince McMahon. Orton tries to offer his help against Bret, but Vince doesn't want it. Orton leaves and Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase tell Orton he now faces the same thing they did last week. If Orton loses to Kofi Kingston they will kick him out of Legacy. They announce that Mike Tyson will be next week's guest host. Match #4: Evan Bourne vs Sheamus. Sheamus pins Bourne. Memorial runs for Steve "Dr. Death" Williams. Match #5: Kofi Kingston vs Randy Orton. Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase were at ringside to watch. Orton pins Kingston. Vince McMahon comes to the ring and says he's not calling Bret Hart down because Hart & Shawn Michaels buried the hatched and he doesn't need too. McMahon then says that next week Mike Tyson will be guest host. Bret Hart then comes down. (No music!) Vince says that he knows the fans want Bret to beat up Vince, but Vince feels that Bret doesn't respect him and trashed him for twelve years. Bret says all he wants to do is too bury that hatchet. Instead, Vince avoids the issue and offers to put Stu Hart into the WWE Hall of Fame. Vince finally says that Bret truly was the best, then shakes his hand. Then while celebrating, Vince kicks Bret in the nuts.

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