Top Five Shocking Moments of 2001 5) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley buys ECW and merges with WCW 4) Booker T attacks Austin and makes Jericho become Undisputed Champion 3) Drew Carey is given the chance to be in the Royal Rumble 2) The Undertaker turns heel 1) Ric Flair's return Top Five Kisses of 2001 5) Regal kisses Vince McMahon's ass 4) Matt Hardy kisses Lita for first time 3) Vince McMahon kisses Rikishi's ass 2) The Rock kisses Trish Stratus 1) Kurt Angle kisses his gold medals after taking it out of Chris Benoit's tights Top Five Slaps of 2001 5) Debra slaps Vince McMahon 4) Molly Holly slaps Stone Cold 3) Debra slaps the Undertaker 2) Trish Stratus slaps Vince McMahon 1) Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley slaps Linda McMahon Best Put Downs of 2001: 5) The Rock on Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley 4) Edge on X-Pac 3) The Big Show on Diamond Dallas Page 2) Chris Jericho on Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley 1) The Rock on Booker T Top Five Food Moments of 200

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