- Eric Bischoff started off the show by welcoming everybody to his RAW. He continued to set the stage for the evening by announcing that the Hardcore Championship and the Intercontinental Championship would be unified. In addition, he mentioned that a WWE Hall of Famer would later be honored. Not long after did Bischoff welcome back the new Undisputed Champion Brock Lesnar and his agent Paul Heyman. Heyman then grabbed the mic and went on to tell us all that ""he told us so."" After a long diatribe, Heyman handed the mic to Brock. Brock gloated that he is the youngest WWE Champion of all-time. Shawn Michaels music then hit, however, it was Triple H that came out, not HBK. A proud Triple H went on to say that he crippled Shawn Michaels, saying HBK would never get in the ring again. In fact, Triple H continued, Michaels would never walk again. Triple H then turned his attention to the Champ. He told Brock that he wanted a shot at his title, because it was he who softened up Rock for Brock

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