- Triple H scored another knockout, Stephanie McMahon hit Eric Bischoff where it counts and the Intercontinental Championship changed hands on an explosive episode of RAW live from Denver! - In retaliation for The Game's interference in his match, Rob Van Dam assaulted and bloodied Triple H before the main event match. Somehow, The Game managed to overcome a furious onslaught by Jeff Hardy and choked out the high-flier to successfully defend the World Championship! - After being confronted by a group of a protesting women's rights organization, the RAW General Manager brought the ladies into the ring so they could express their outrage at Bischoff's treatment of women lately. The Bisch, however, theorized that the women were actually lesbians, and he urged them to engage in some HLA! - However, when the women refused, Bischoff accused them of looking for their 15 minutes of fame. As Bischoff began to say he had just three minutes left, one of the women stepped forward and kicked him sq

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  • Originally Aired Monday, September 16, 2002
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