Sensing time is running out on him, Eric Bischoff took matters into his own hands this week on RAW. Leaving Chief Morley in charge of RAW for the night, Bischoff headed to Texas in an attempt to secure Stone Cold Steve Austin's return to RAW. When he arrived it his house, however, Bischoff learned that Austin was at a local bar. Later in the evening, Bischoff finally arrived at the bar only to find out that Austin had left for another bar down the street. When he got there, though, Austin again was nowhere to be found. At this point, it started to become clear to Bischoff that he was on a wild goose chase and that he would not meet up with Austin on this evening. Tommy Dreamer was scheduled to compete on RAW. But after his introduction, Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and Batista took to the ring, destroying the King of the Singapore Cane. After decimating Dreamer, Triple H explained his theory of Evolution. According to The Game, Ric Flair is one of the business' greatest legends, Tr

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  • Originally Aired Monday, February 3, 2003
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