- Mick Foley showed up on RAW even though he said that he would go back to his ""normal life"" after Bad Blood. The Hardcore Legend had a lot on his mind, but he was unable to unload it all before Evolution came to the ring and interrupted him. Randy Orton told Foley he was washed up and should stay out of WWE. Orton then went on to reveal that Evolution was going to extend an invitation to a WWE Superstar to join their group. Before long, all three members attacked Foley. Just when it looked like Evolution had Foley's number, however, Maven and Al Snow came to the ring and saved their buddy. - Later in the evening, fans learned that the Superstar Evolution had their eye on was Kane. After Kane got his team disqualified in the night's main event, the big red monster went on a killer rampage. Triple H came to the ring to tell Kane that it was good to see the old Kane back. He told him that he was impressed with his renewed mean streak. He then asked Kane to join Evolution. Before Kane cou

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