- In most cases, the champion is considered the heavy favorite heading into title matches. When Triple H defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Kane, however, he appeared to be the underdog. With Kane's life as he knows it (behind the shelter of a mask) on the line, Kane was battling for more than the championship. He was battling for his mask, as well. - Unfortunately for Kane, Evolution members Randy Orton and Ric Flair interfered in the match, causing the big red monster to lose the match. After the match, Kane found himself deep in thought. For the first time ever, he was to reveal himself to the world. He paused several times before finally pulling his mask from his face. When he finally did so, he freaked out, attacking his long-time friend Rob Van Dam. When he finally settled down, RAW cameras zoomed in on the man beneath the mask. Nobody could have ever imagined that Kane looked as he does. - Before heading out on a book tour to promote his new novel Tietam Brown,

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