Match Results: Submission Match Chris Benoit Defeated Chris Jericho by Submission. Benoit forces Jericho to submit when he hits him with the Crippler Cross Face. Batista Defeated Maven Batista picks up the victory when, Maven runs into a big Spinebuster. Then he hits the Batista Powerbomb for the 1-2-3. World Tag Team Championship Match Tajiri and William Regal Defeated La Resistance Tajiri and Regal Become the new World Tag Team Champions when, Tajiri hits Green Mist into Grenier face then, hits him in the head with the Buzz Saw kick for the pinfall. Shawn Michaels Defeated Ric Flair Michaels hits Flair with the Flying Elbow then, the Sweet Chin Music for the victory. Randy Orton Defeated Tyson Tomko Orton gets a roll up out of nowhere for the victory. World Heavyweight Championship Match Triple H W/Ric Flair Defeated Edge Triple H retains the Title. When Edge lines up the Spear, but he runs right into a spinebuster from Batista, who then runs out of the ring. Edge th

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  • Originally Aired Monday, February 7, 2005
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