Match #1: Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy vs Kane & Mark Henry Match #2: Haas Hogan vs JBL Match #3: Lumberjack: Shawn Michaels vs Batista Match #4: Cryme Tyme & Kelly Kelly vs John Morrison, The Miz & Jillian Hall Match #5: Guest Referee: CM Punk vs Batista. Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix come down to the ring. Santino brings in Knoxville. Knoxville calls Beth a guy, so Beth slaps him then slams him. They leave & Hornswoggle runs in and give Knoxville the Tadpole Splash. Pontius gets in the ring, and unfortunately the fast stripper Big Dick Johnson comes down and both strip. Then the Boogeyman comes out. Boogey clotheslines Pontius then drops worms in his mouth. Knoxville manages to get back up just in time for the Great Khali & Runjin Singh to come down. Knoxville tries to laugh off his comments, but Khali puts the Vise Grip on Knoxville, then hits the Khali Bomb.

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  • Originally Aired Monday, October 13, 2008
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