1. Six Man Tag Team Match Cryme Tyme and CM Punk vs. William Regal, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase 2. Jamie Noble vs. Kane 3. Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox 4. WWE Women's Championship Beth Phoenix vs. Melina 5. Street Fight Randy Orton vs. Shane McMahon Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero comes to top of the ramp. She introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion: Edge. Then they make their way to the ring. Edge talks about what he did at No Way Out. Vickie says that since Stephanie McMahon left with Shane to the hospital, it left her in charge, so when Kofi Kingston was unable to compete she put in the best person for the Chamber. And the Board of Directors has let Edge be WHC. Then John Cena comes down. Cena actually congratulates Edge. Cena wants his rematch. Edge says he's not competing tonight, and that he & Vickie will be on Smackdown. Edge brings up their history together and starts to leave. Cena says that if Edge tries to hide, he'll find him. If Edge tries to run, he'll catch him. They will fight and he will hurt Edge. In the back, Shane McMahon challenges Randy Orton to a Street Fight. Match #1: CM Punk & Cryme Tyme vs William Regal w/Layla, Cody Rhodes &Ted DiBiase. DiBiase pins JTG. Stephanie yells at Shane. Chris Jericho is in the ring. Jericho is still complaining about The Wrestler. Jericho talks about how the old veterans just won't go away until Rowdy Roddy Piper arrives. After an emotional promo, Jericho attacks Piper. Todd Grisham interviews Randy Orton. Match#2: Jamie Noble vs Kane. Kane pins Noble. JBL comes to the ring. He talks about honoring his word in paying off Shawn Michaels. Then he challenges the Undertaker for a match at Wrestlemania. Then Shawn Michaels comes out and says he would give the Undertaker a better match then JBL. Then Shawn says that next week it should be Shawn Michaels vs JBL and the winner faces the Undertaker. Match #3: Rey Mysterio vs Mike Knox. Mysterio pins Knox. Match #4 for the Women's Championship: Melina vs Beth Phoenix w/Santino Marella & Rosa Mendez. Melina pins Beth. Hall of Fame induction announcement: Terry Funk & Dory Funk jr. Stephanie is on the phone with someone, She needs them to get to the arena fast, but she loses the signal. Match #5 Unsanctioned Street Fight: Shane McMahon vs Randy Orton. Shane was about to hit Coast to Coast when Rhodes & DiBiase attack Shane. Orton then punts Shane. Stephanie & the trainers come out to check on Shane and Orton RKO's Stephanie. Then Triple H arrives and Orton & co run off.

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  • Originally Aired Monday, February 16, 2009
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