Isadora suggests that Gabriela talk to Rafael. Rodrigues threatens Érico. Ursula tells Barbara that she was with Julinho. Vinícius worries about Eric. Tito gets nervous when Jade is affectionate with him. Pearl gets frustrated when Márcio says she does not have to end her courtship because of him. Vinicius tells Violeta and Rafael that he did not find Erico at the show. Rodrigues and Silva take Érico to a wild place. Gabriela tells Brigitte about the conversation with Isadora. Violeta complains with Getulio about the disappearance of her son. Pérola finds the money that Érico left and gets excited without knowing how it happened. Rodrigues and Silva take Érico to a police station and they fear they have overreacted with the boy. Érico is taken to the juvenile detention center. Gabriela looks for Rafael. Erico cries in the bedroom.

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, May 16, 2018
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