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Season 1

  • S01E01 Four Of A Kind

    • January 2, 1962
    • BBC One

    The search is on for four young men to ""crew"" the new cars in the tough and troubled district of Newtown, a North of England overspill estate. A mixed community, displaced from the larger towns by slum clearance, has been brought together and housed on an estate without amenities.

  • S01E02 The Limping Rabbit

    • January 9, 1962
    • BBC One

    A girl disappears, and Steele and Lynch are faced by a conspiracy of silence in her broken family.

  • S01E03 Handle With Care

    • January 16, 1962
    • BBC One

    An explosion in a quarry disturbs two lovers. It also disturbs Detective Sergeant John Watt when he finds out what caused it.

  • S01E04 Stab In The Dark

    • January 23, 1962
    • BBC One

    A wounding case brings top brass into Victor Division to investigate. Lynch and Steele work overtime to find the villain.

  • S01E05 Big Catch

    • January 30, 1962
    • BBC One

    When the whalers hit Seaport after a good season Smith and Weir have their work cut out to keep trouble to a minimum.

  • S01E06 Friday Night

    • February 6, 1962
    • BBC One

    ""It's going to be one of those nights"", pronounced Sgt. Percy Twentyman, and he wasn't far wrong. Steele and Lynch have to cope with the aftermath of a traffic accident in which a drunken driver has killed a motor cyclist and his pillion passenger. Small time felon Grandpa Maddigan blows up the safe in the Gas Company office, Watt and DCS Robins are hot on the trail of the notorious Comber gang, and Twentyman himself gets more than he bargained for when he tries to break up a free-for-all in the Tabernacle pub.

  • S01E07 Suspended

    • February 13, 1962
    • BBC One

    The crew of Z-Victor One waste no time in arriving at the scene of a burglary. Their reward is to be suspected of theft themselves.

  • S01E08 Family Feud

    • February 20, 1962
    • BBC One

    When two feuding families go to war Lynch and Steele find themselves in the front line.

  • S01E09 Fire!

    • February 27, 1962
    • BBC One

    The report of a burning barn takes Smith and Weir into the country, searching for a fire-raiser.

  • S01E10 Threats And Menaces

    • March 6, 1962
    • BBC One

    In Victor Division the police often live next door to unruly members of the community. Bob and Janey Steele find that this can have unpleasant, even dangerous, consequences.

  • S01E11 Jail Break

    • March 13, 1962
    • BBC One

    What is a mysterious stranger from Soho doing in Victor Division? John Watt would like to know, and keeps a close watch on him. Smith and Weir are heavily involved in the tracking down of money previously stolen in a mailbag robbery. Both events are triggered by a successful jail break.

  • S01E12 What Kind Of Hero?

    • March 20, 1962
    • BBC One

    A young man risks his life to save that of an accident victim trapped under an overturned road tanker, then disappears quietly. One of the bystanders, a retired army officer, pesters Barlow to trace the man and see that he gets the recognition he deserves. Barlow eventually finds the reluctant hero, only to discover that he is an army deserter wanted by the Military Police!

  • S01E13 Sudden Death

    • March 27, 1962
    • BBC One

    When a case of murder is reported Lynch and Steele are the first policemen on the scene. But the main responsibility for organising the hunt for the killer falls on Barlow, whose toughness is backed by vast experience and an intuitive mind.

  • S01E14 Found Abandoned

    • April 3, 1962
    • BBC One

    Smith and Weir answer a call and find an abandoned baby. They bring it along to the station, where Inspector Dunn is in charge in Barlow's absence.

  • S01E15 The Best Days

    • April 10, 1962
    • BBC One

    Lynch and Steele have their hands full when a gang of boys break into a school and smash up the headmaster's study. But the hooliganism doesn't stop there. When they are disturbed by the caretaker the oldest member of the gang attacks him and leaves him seriously injured.

  • S01E16 Invisible Enemy

    • April 17, 1962
    • BBC One

    When a gas meter is broken into in a big block of flats Weir and Smith think their hunt is only for a petty thief. What they encounter, though, is someone much more dangerous.

  • S01E17 Down And Out

    • April 24, 1962
    • BBC One

    A drunk causes a disturbance, two thieves break into a pet shop - and Steele and Lynch end the night at knife-point.

  • S01E18 Further Enquiries

    • May 1, 1962
    • BBC One

    Weir stops a car driving without lights, the first event in a night which brings 'important' people in the county to Newtown police station.

  • S01E19 Winner Takes All

    • May 8, 1962
    • BBC One

    A race track tout forgets to pay his alimony, and Steele and Lynch discover an ingenious fraud to beat the bookies.

  • S01E20 People's Property

    • May 15, 1962
    • BBC One

    It's a busy night for Smith, Weir and Sergeant Watt when burglary is rife.

  • S01E21 Hi-Jack!

    • May 22, 1962
    • BBC One

    At Pete's Caff Steele and Lynch report ""off watch for refreshments"". While they are eating and talking to Steele's friend Les Fielding his lorry is hi-jacked.

  • S01E22 Incident Reported

    • May 29, 1962
    • BBC One

    Fancy Smith first meets Stan Carron in the Tabernacle pub where Carron is causing a disturbance. They have an argument. The second time they meet Carron is in no state to argue and Smith starts a long night's work.

  • S01E23 Never On Wednesday

    • June 5, 1962
    • BBC One

    For two years Barlow has been trying to catch a Newtown thief. When DCS Robins takes a personal interest the pressure is on for everyone - particularly Steele and Lynch.

  • S01E24 Day Trip

    • June 12, 1962
    • BBC One

    A charabanc outing, a halt at a pub and an exponent of the three-card trick: this is how a day at the seaside begins. It ends in violence.

  • S01E25 Affray

    • June 19, 1962
    • BBC One

    Two men claim the same prize and trouble begins. When Lynch and Steele are called there is an unexpected development and a policeman dies.

  • S01E26 Contraband

    • June 26, 1962
    • BBC One

    The prospect of a 'finder's reward' in a dockland smuggling case makes Smith and Weir eager volunteers for extra duty.

  • S01E27 Teamwork

    • July 3, 1962
    • BBC One

    Just when the crime figures are levelling out one man pushes them up and up with a series of aimless break-ins. When Steele and Lynch lay hands on him but let him escape Barlow, Watt and Dunn are ready to lay hands on them!

  • S01E28 Appearance In Court

    • July 10, 1962
    • BBC One

    Catching a thief is only the beginning as far as the police are concerned. When Smith and Weir have to justify their action in court the truth is made to look slightly less than the whole truth.

  • S01E29 Assault

    • July 17, 1962
    • BBC One

    Barlow is investigating a case of assault. Betty Ancoats accuses four youths of attacking her, but one of them, Hogan, who has a reputation for violence, denies any knowledge of the crime.

  • S01E30 Sunday Morning

    • July 24, 1962
    • BBC One

  • S01E31 Unconditional Surrender

    • July 31, 1962
    • BBC One

    Barlow initiates a campaign against the Cruddock brothers and their gang. The Z-Cars engage in 'Operation Harassment' and a state of total war develops.

Season 2

  • S02E01 On Watch - Newtown

    • September 19, 1962
    • BBC One

    Both crews are forced to realise the narrow margin between life and death on a busy night in which Barlow and Twentyman miss one crime and catch two criminals.

  • S02E02 Full Remission

    • September 26, 1962
    • BBC One

    A pretty girl out alone and late at night leads Steele and Lynch to a robbery and to a tearaway more dangerous than any they have encountered before.

  • S02E03 Truth Or Dare

    • October 3, 1962
    • BBC One

    The violent death of a small shopkeeper brings Supt. Miller into Victor Division and into conflict with Barlow, who has his own solution to offer.

  • S02E04 Information Received

    • October 10, 1962
    • BBC One

    Z-Victor Two gets an alarm call to a jeweller's shop. Sgt. Watt gets the information that leads to an arrest, but the case is not as simple as it seems.

  • S02E05 Friendly Relations

    • October 17, 1962
    • BBC One

    The trail of a walk-in thief leads Smith and Weir to a locked room in Newtown and on to a night in Blackpool - but not to see the illuminations!

  • S02E06 Corroboration

    • October 24, 1962
    • BBC One

    Lynch and Steele investigate a break-in at a factory where the night watchman has been attacked and injured. They bring in a man the Newtown police have long wanted to see behind bars. But bringing him in is one thing, keeping him in is another.

  • S02E07 The Thin Girl

    • October 31, 1962
    • BBC One

    A neat operation in car stealing begins to go wrong when the thief tries mixing business with pleasure.

  • S02E08 Johnny Sailor

    • November 7, 1962
    • BBC One

    Johnny attacks a man in a pub - the wrong man. Steele and Lynch have to find him before he finds the right man.

  • S02E09 Person Unknown

    • November 14, 1962
    • BBC One

    Detective Superintendent Miller, aggressive as ever, leads the local Newtown force as they attempt to find a man who has attacked several young girls.

  • S02E10 Ambush

    • November 11, 1962
    • BBC One

    Dick Davis comes out of Walton jail and immediately plans his first job. But after two years in prison Davis cannot match the quality of his planning with the quality of his new accomplices.

  • S02E11 Known To The Police

    • November 28, 1962
    • BBC One

    Hilda Simmons reports that her car has been stolen. But she omits to tell the police that the man who took it is her husband. Smith and Weir have the task of rounding up the 'thief' only to find that the charge has been withdrawn. However, Sgt. Watt recognises Simmons of old, and soon tumbles to what is happening.

  • S02E12 The Navigators

    • December 5, 1962
    • BBC One

    Lynch and Steele are called to a pub fight. Who started it? As Geraghty said: ""Hollis is always starting fights. Too clever for himself this time, though - far too clever"".

  • S02E13 Business Trip

    • December 12, 1962
    • BBC One

    A London gang move north. They plan a short and profitable visit to Newtown. Smith and Weir spend a busy night trying to cut down their profits and lengthen their stay.

  • S02E14 Five Whistles

    • December 19, 1962
    • BBC One

    A quantity of drink and five suits are missing. Steele and Lynch spend a long night looking for the drink while the rest of the Newtown police are at the Christmas party.

  • S02E15 Search

    • December 26, 1962
    • BBC One

    When a child is reported missing on Christmas Day Smith and Weir are first in what becomes a countrywide hunt for him. They search all day and into the night in a desperate attempt to find him.

  • S02E16 All Up By Seven

    • January 2, 1963
    • BBC One

    Arrest usually pile up at night - except in this case that involves a safe, the Army, a divorce and a potted plant.

  • S02E17 Trumpet Voluntary

    • January 9, 1963
    • BBC One

    Eddie plays the trumpet badly and on the streets, so his contacts with the police are frequent. This time, however, there is more than music involved.

  • S02E18 Five And A Match

    • January 16, 1963
    • BBC One

    Export cigarettes are being imported into the Newtown area. Lynch and Steele pick up some fag-ends of information.

  • S02E19 The Hitch-Hiker

    • January 23, 1963
    • BBC One

    A casual lift as the rain pours down - and for Winnie Parker it means a drive of terror. Her kindness in persuading her husband to pick up a hitch-hiker puts her in danger and gives a long night of anxiety and work for Smith and Weir.

  • S02E20 A Simple Case

    • January 30, 1963
    • BBC One

    Bob Steele is late for work. And because of this he becomes accidentally involved in a case concerning a petty thief. He is going through the town's shopping centre when a middle-aged woman comes running out of one of the stores, closely pursued by a security guard. She has apparently been shoplifting. But what seems at first sight to be a 'simple case' confronts Steele with the biggest decision of his life. (This was Jeremy Kemp's last appearance as PC Bob Steele.)

  • S02E21 Act Of Vengeance

    • February 6, 1963
    • BBC One

    The act is sudden, brutal and corroding. The problem facing Barlow is what the victim has done to warrant it.

  • S02E22 The Listeners

    • February 13, 1962
    • BBC One

    Lynch goes out on patrol with PC Dave Graham, the former dog-handler who has been chosen to replace Bob Steele. With Lynch missing the companionship of Steele, the relationship between the new pair is not easy. They quickly run into trouble - with each other and with a pair of thieves with an ear to police business.

  • S02E23 The Main Chance

    • February 20, 1963
    • BBC One

    Cock-fighting is cruel, bloody and illegal. Its promoters have to work in secret, and so do the police in trying to catch the perpetrators.

  • S02E24 Follow My Leader

    • February 27, 1963
    • BBC One

    The trail of counterfeit notes begins in a chemist's shop. Following it is more complicated than Lynch and Graham would ever have believed.

  • S02E25 Members Only

    • March 6, 1963
    • BBC One

    The men want the new club to be peaceful and palatial. John Watt's concern is with the way it is being financed and furnished.

  • S02E26 Matter Of Conviction

    • March 13, 1963
    • BBC One

    A serious crime has to be reported to Headquarters. Barlow's main worry is that the crime may not have been committed at all.

  • S02E27 The Bad Lad

    • March 20, 1963
    • BBC One

    In an attempt to improve the crime statistics Barlow has Smith and Weir devoting valuable time to the theft of a bicycle lamp and John Watt is set to clear up an affair of lead castings pilfered from a factory. Both seem trivial, but Barlow thinks that they are worth some trouble - and as usual he is proved right in the end.

  • S02E28 Enquiry

    • March 27, 1963
    • BBC One

    Despite all the anger and resentment they arouse nothing must deflect Inspector Bamber from the most difficult enquiries of his career - into suspicions that Victor Division contains a policeman who is a thief.

  • S02E29 Pay By Results

    • April 3, 1963
    • BBC One

    Glossop is a name all too familiar to Newtown CID. His record includes larceny, assault, shopbreaking, gaming and assault on police. So when he escapes from prison and is reported to be back in Newtown Barlow makes it his personal business to find him. But knowing Glossop's reputation, the informers are reluctant to talk.

  • S02E30 The Peterman

    • April 10, 1963
    • BBC One

    A big bump in the night and the hunt for the safebreakers is on. But the safebreakers are hunting too - for the expert.

  • S02E31 The Birds Of The Air

    • April 17, 1963
    • BBC One

    Only when the birds have flown does Z-Victor One get called to the Atlantic Hotel, where a man and woman are wanted for not paying their bill. Barlow has to set snares to catch them.

  • S02E32 Train Of Events

    • April 24, 1963
    • BBC One

    A mailbag robbery in Newtown and Barlow is in his element as the masterly organiser at the centre of operations. He sends Lynch and Graham to set up a road block, chivvies John Watt into scouting for information and reminds Sgt. Blackitt of the golden rule: ""Can't afford to let things stop or get bogged down"".

  • S02E33 By The Book

    • May 1, 1963
    • BBC One

    ""Crimes like this, there's always two, always. I've never known it otherwise"". And DCS Robins is talking about murder.

  • S02E34 Nothing Serious

    • May 8, 1963
    • BBC One

    A vicious bunch of thugs and a young couple in love. Lynch and Graham are involved with both while their own working relationship reaches flash point. PC Sweet and the relative newcomer DC Hicks also get caught up in the action.

  • S02E35 Alarm Call

    • May 15, 1963
    • BBC One

    The alarm rings and the police dash to the scene. This is the reflex action a clever crook can calculate on - except when PC Jock Weir decides to take charge.

  • S02E36 A Try By Weir

    • May 22, 1963
    • BBC One

    It's the night after a big rugby football match. Lynch and Graham get a surprise when they are sent to investigate a spot of trouble at a pub on the Newtown to Seaport road, for there they find Jock Weir. He is having a drink with friends to celebrate playing on the winning side, but with the arrival of Lynch and Graham the evening turns out to be anything but a happy one.

  • S02E37 Quiet Confidence

    • May 29, 1963
    • BBC One

    Fancy Smith's devotion to duty takes him, on his night off, to visit a young offender's father, with results that make him bitterly and furiously angry.

  • S02E38 Scare

    • June 5, 1963
    • BBC One

    The crew of a merchant ship about to dock at Seaport are looking forward to shore leave. They have money to burn and an itch to burn it in Rosie's Club. When a smallpox scare leads to all leave being stopped, two sailors have other ideas and sneak ashore. Lynch and Graham have to find them to prevent a possible smallpox epidemic.

  • S02E39 Caught By The Ears

    • June 12, 1963
    • BBC One

    Cattle are identified by marks on their ears. Sgt. Watt and Z-Victor One have to find their own way of identifying the people responsible for a large-scale fraud.

  • S02E40 Come On The Lads

    • June 19, 1963
    • BBC One

    In soccer mad Newtown tickets for the big match are at a premium. Everyone wants to go, villains and police alike. Con man Johnson has eight tickets to distribute to people who might be useful to him, but mistakenly hands them to Paddy, a fixer who has his own ideas about who to give them to. Lynch and Graham also have tickets and are on their way to the stadium when they come into violent contact with a gang of men in a stolen lorry.

  • S02E41 The Whizzers

    • June 26, 1963
    • BBC One

    A team of pickpockets and the attempt to track them down leads Jock Weir into serious trouble with the public and with the Chief Constable.

  • S02E42 Police Work

    • July 3, 1963
    • BBC One

    The Coroner's demand for the presence of a witness sends Smith and Weir to a lonely cottage, to be greeted with a kind of violence even they do not expect.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Lucky Accident

    • September 4, 1963
    • BBC One

    An attempted burglary and a hit-and-run accident - PC Lynch sees the connection first. Proving it is a job for the whole of Victor Division.

  • S03E02 Made For Each Other

    • September 11, 1963
    • BBC One

    Two arrests, two court cases - and also two people, in one of whom Fancy Smith takes a personal interest.

  • S03E03 A La Carte

    • September 18, 1963
    • BBC One

    Chief Inspector Barlow is known locally as something of a gourmet, but not even the chef believes that he is interested only in food.

  • S03E04 Light The Blue Paper

    • September 26, 1963
    • BBC One

    The bang is loud in the night. The conspiracy of silence which follows is more sinister. When an explosion destroys Bill Webster's betting shop CID runs up against a blank wall. No clues and there is nobody willing to talk. Webster himself stubbornly maintains it was an accident, but Barlow is convinced there is a connection between the explosion and the fact that Webster intends to compete with his rivals by opening more shops in the area.

  • S03E05 A Quiet Night

    • October 2, 1963
    • BBC One

    PCs Lynch and Graham find that a quiet night can be just as busy as any other, but for some of the people they encounter it is also a night of tragedy.

  • S03E06 Hit And Run

    • October 9, 1963
    • BBC One

    A slight collision between two cars, a bad-tempered blow, and a young man finds himself involved in serious trouble - both for himself and for those close to him.

  • S03E07 Hide - And Go Seek

    • October 16, 1963
    • BBC One

    A young rookie constable cannot hold his liquor. In his cups he reveals the whereabouts of a 'safe house' holding a vital witness, with disastrous consequences.

  • S03E08 The Kiter

    • October 23, 1963
    • BBC One

    An outbreak of thefts from offertory boxes, a flood of dud cheques - and Victor Division's crime figures begin to soar. Barlow and Watt try to identify a petty criminal with an interest in churches.

  • S03E09 Special Duty

    • October 30, 1963
    • BBC One

    Lynch and Graham investigate a domestic tragedy. And for Barlow there's the urgent problem of saving a man's life.

  • S03E10 Remembrance Of A Guest

    • November 6, 1963
    • BBC One

    Complaints about a fast-moving, fast-talking door-to-door salesman give Weir and Smith a busy day, while Sgt. Watt prepares the trap.

  • S03E11 Daylight Robbery

    • November 13, 1963
    • BBC One

    When a Newtown pillar box begins to belch smoke Graham's first reaction is that someone has been posting red hot love letters. But by the time thirteen pillar boxes have been burned out he and Lynch are on the trail of an unusual kind of pyromaniac. Meanwhile Sgt. Watt is keeping an eye on Oliver Snow, a visitor from London who goes out of his way to be offensive.

  • S03E12 Running Milligan

    • November 20, 1963
    • BBC One

    Freddy Milligan is servinga prison sentence for robbery with violence. With six weeks of his sentence to run, he is given compassionate parole to attend his wife's funeral. He fails to report back, and the Newtown police get the job of bringing him in.

  • S03E13 Choose Your Partners

    • November 27, 1963
    • BBC One

    A report of breaking and entering at Mallory Hall and soon Lord Tenterden's home is swarming with policemen from the ACC right down to Fancy Smith. The thieves have taken something far more valuable than the money they were after. Is espionage involved?

  • S03E14 Tuesday Afternoon

    • December 4, 1963
    • BBC One

    A case of shoplifting, the disappearance of 3,000 bricks and some unbuilt houses give Barlow and the boys in Z-Victor One a busy day.

  • S03E15 Supper In The Morning

    • December 11, 1963
    • BBC One

    Dave Graham is used to sorting out the problems of other people, but only as a policeman. He finds it much more difficult to cope with a crisis in his own home.

  • S03E16 Wait For It

    • December 18, 1963
    • BBC One

    Some crimes are solved by logic. Barlow finds one but Smith and Weir look like upsetting him in their persistent search for a stolen purse.

  • S03E17 It Never Rains ...

    • December 25, 1963
    • BBC One

    On Christmas Eve Lynch and Graham are as full of goodwill to all men as any police officers can be - with a garage robbery to deal with and other people's celebrations getting in the way.

  • S03E18 .. And A Happy New Year

    • January 1, 1964
    • BBC One

    The revelry of New Year's Eve has its normal problems for the Newtown police and its special opportunities for a lone marauder in the streets. Sgt. Blackitt, leaving PC Sweet on the desk, is on the beat himself for a change. Down by the canal is a nurse from the Cottage Hospital and she is out on a cold night without a cloak over her uniform.

  • S03E19 Happy-Go-Lucky

    • January 8, 1964
    • BBC One

    When a happy-go-lucky thief refuses to confess to a simple breaking and entering job Barlow continues enquiries. This starts an avalanche of evidence and soon Barlow fears that everyone in Newtown is implicated somewhere along the line.

  • S03E20 Promise Made

    • January 15, 1964
    • BBC One

    It can't possibly be blackmail - the old lady seems much too innocent and can have nothing to hide. But Lynch and Graham are sure that something has happened and Barlow decides to set a trap.

  • S03E21 I Mean...Where Does It Stop?

    • January 22, 1964
    • BBC One

    Weir finds that being a policeman doesn't stop when he goes off duty, particularly as his girl friend Sally has shady connections.

  • S03E22 A Stroll Along The Sands

    • January 29, 1964
    • BBC One

    A chance encounter is soon forgotten by Lynch and Graham. But remembering a face becomes vital when Barlow orders a search for missing money - and a missing man.

  • S03E23 No Malice

    • February 5, 1964
    • BBC One

    Barlow loses a case against a known criminal. He believes the man is guilty but he is ordered to re-investigate the crime and finds a problem he doesn't want to face.

  • S03E24 Profit By Their Example

    • February 12, 1964
    • BBC One

    A mysterious meeting at a sports pavilion attracts the attention of Z-Victor Two. John Watt investigates. When a sharp warning to a friend is unheeded Watt finds himself at the centre of hostilities.

  • S03E25 A Question Of Storage

    • February 19, 1964
    • BBC One

    Barlow's attendance at a police conference starts a spring cleaning at Newtown station. But the arrest of an elderly drunk by Smith and Weir upsets the efficiency drive.

  • S03E26 Fun And Games

    • February 26, 1964
    • BBC One

    When a seemingly harmless practical joke goes wrong and leads to a disturbance Lynch finds himself involved in a very personal problem.

  • S03E27 A Man...Like Yourself

    • March 4, 1964
    • BBC One

    When a young offender escapes from custody he is seen hiding on a roof and DC Hicks is detailed to bring him down.

  • S03E28 A Straight Deal

    • March 11, 1964
    • BBC One

    When Josh Tansfield tries to make a deal with the police John Watt is worried - but Barlow gets the best of a good bargain.

  • S03E29 Happy Families

    • March 18, 1964
    • BBC One

    A mother finds her schoolboy son in possession of pornographic photographs. Then the lad goes missing and Smith and weir have the job of finding him. Meantime Barlow tracks down the source of the photographs. John Watt deals with his marital problems. JOSS ACKLAND appears here as the villain: four years later he became a cast regular as DI Todd.

  • S03E30 Inside Job

    • March 25, 1964
    • BBC One

    A mail van raid - a quick getaway - and no description of the raiders. When an easy arrest is made Barlow finds a new angle on the 'inside job'.

  • S03E31 Clues Are What You Think

    • April 1, 1964
    • BBC One

    The search area is wide and time is short - for Barlow is in charge of a murder enquiry for the first time. He places his faith in two seemingly harmless questions.

  • S03E32 The Whole Truth...

    • April 8, 1964
    • BBC One

    'Punchy' Palmer is not too bright. When he tries to help Newtown police it isn't easy to know what is truth and what is daydreams. In this guesswork lies the answer to a series of crimes.

  • S03E33 Whistle, And Come Home

    • April 22, 1964
    • BBC One

    Two children are the only witnesses of a robbery. It seems that the men concerned will get away with it - until Barlow takes over.

  • S03E34 First-Class Citizen

    • April 29, 1964
    • BBC One

    Old Eli Mosscrop was once the best spiderman in the north. Now no-one will employ him. When he tries to show his skill he makes a problem for John Watt, who has no head for heights.

  • S03E35 Seconds Away

    • May 6, 1964
    • BBC One

    It is a routine job - a break-in at a jeweller's shop. But Barlow believes the owner is in danger.

  • S03E36 Centre Of Disturbance

    • May 13, 1964
    • BBC One

    A brutal mid-afternoon shooting in the middle of a shopping area leaves a store full of people dumbfounded and the Newtown police force shaking its head in disbelief.

  • S03E37 You Get All Kinds

    • May 20, 1964
    • BBC One

    A baby is taken from a pram near a bingo hall. Graham and Lynch are involved in a long search.

  • S03E38 Happy Birthday

    • May 27, 1964
    • BBC One

    A wrist-watch and a camera. Not unusual gifts for a twenty-first birthday, but they make a busy Saturday for Smith and Weir and upset a wedding.

  • S03E39 Somebody ... Help

    • June 3, 1964
    • BBC One

    Frank Wood is a homosexual, unable to go to the police when a man sets out to blackmail him. If he does go to the police he faces trial, possible conviction, even prison, not to mention local scandal and the end of his business career.

  • S03E40 Cage Until Tame

    • June 10, 1964
    • BBC One

    Arty Timmins is out of jail. Chief Supt. Robins put him away when he was an Inspector and Sgt. Blackitt was a constable. With Barlow away on a course Robins makes it his personal business to keep a close watch on one of the hardest characters ever to cross his path. For there are three citizens of Newtown who, even after ten years, have good cause to be frightened.

  • S03E41 Family Reunion

    • June 17, 1964
    • BBC One

    When Danny Sullivan, boisterous and irresponsible, returns to Newtown Z-Victor Two is alerted. When he goes into the used car business there is trouble.

  • S03E42 A Place Of Safety

    • June 24, 1964
    • BBC One

    Smith and Weir are called to a disturbance in a tenement block. An unemployed black man has attacked a bailiff with an axe, then barricaded himself in his flat with his wife and children. Barlow is called and eventually persuades the man to come out, whereupon he is promptly arrested. It looks like an open and shut case of attempted murder, but Barlow is not satisfied. Later that evening Smith and Weir find the man's wife and children sleeping in a bus shelter: they have been evicted without notice.

Season 4

  • S04E01 The Dark Side Of The Road

    • September 9, 1964
    • BBC One

    Outside in the dark a girl screams. Inside the tall flats she is heard and ignored. It is half an hour before one man puts out a reluctant hand to dial 999.

  • S04E02 What A Main Event!

    • September 16, 1964
    • BBC One

    Two men in a parked car - and the beginning of a night Lynch and Graham will talk about all their lives. The eventual haul is so good it even induces Barlow to stand drinks for the duo.

  • S04E03 Finders Keepers

    • September 23, 1964
    • BBC One

    The grimy cafe down by the docks is keeping pretty busy as usual. The juke-box is giving out the latest sounds of the Mersey Beat at full volume; the youngsters are sitting around drinking strong tea out of thick mugs. But there is one customer at McKinley's who doesn't seem to fit in. That is Brayne, the old tramp. He has no money for tea, but he is wearing an expensive overcoat and a business gent's bowler hat. Smith and Weir get really involved when they try to find the reason.

  • S04E04 Lucky Partners

    • September 30, 1964
    • BBC One

    To the young Mrs. Napier the man at the door seems anything but sinister, just buying old gold. But his method of purchase leaves something to be desired.

  • S04E05 Soft Spot

    • October 7, 1964
    • BBC One

    Alby Rafferty, an over-zealous car enthusiast, is not past redemption according to John Watt. But Watt is not the only influence in Alby's life. So when Mr. Cull's shiny new white car is driven off from under his nose, it is not for use in a robbery - just Alby indulging his passion.

  • S04E06 Somebody Said...

    • October 14, 1964
    • BBC One

  • S04E07 Charity Begins ...

    • October 21, 1964
    • BBC One

    ""What's all the fuss about then?"" asks Fancy Smith when he and Jock Weir are called to a case of shoplifting. ""Cause maybe there's something else too,"" replies Jock. And as the men of Z-Victor One discover, something else, something much more sinister, there most certainly is.

  • S04E08 The Hunch

    • October 28, 1964
    • BBC One

    A passing car and a radio message lead Graham and Baker to a particular club with interesting results. DC Lynch, meanwhile, has the job of finding the leader of a gang specialising in quick break-ins and small but profitable hauls of liquor and cigarettes. It is his most important case yet and he pins his hopes on a hunch that takes him to London.

  • S04E09 Two In The Bush

    • November 4, 1964
    • BBC One

    Two crimes - same place, same time - and Smith and weir are ready and able to deal with them.

  • S04E10 Welcome Home, Jigger

    • November 11, 1964
    • BBC One

    Sgt. Blackitt sets off to give a first aid demonstration at a youth club where trouble is in the air. Jigger Daniels, released from Borstal, is back in town and has a few old scores to settle. Meanwhile Lynch has his own problems. Someone is going around Newtown stealing transistor radios from parked cars, and Barlow is in one of his 'leave no stone unturned' moods.

  • S04E11 In A Day's Work

    • November 18, 1964
    • BBC One

    A friendly call on a neighbour turns into a sudden nightmare for a young housewife. She dials 999. Fancy Smith, alone in Z-Victor One, is sent to investigate and finds himself in a situation that would tax the patience of a priest and a psychologist combined.

  • S04E12 No Stone Unturned

    • November 25, 1964
    • BBC One

    A sudden death in Newtown brings the new man, Detective Superintendent Prentiss, from Headquarters. And before the investigation is closed he makes his presence very much felt.

  • S04E13 You Pays Your Money

    • December 2, 1964
    • BBC One

    When the only witnesses disagree Sergeant Watt settles for the most likely suspect - with surprising results.

  • S04E14 One Day In Spring Street

    • December 9, 1964
    • BBC One

    Investigating a reported disturbance, Dave Graham finds it is one more skirmish in a running war fought with stones between the boys of a local school and old Lewis, an eccentric character who lives in the house opposite. It's not long before Sgt. Blackitt appears on the scene. When he is followed by Sgt. Watt Graham has little to do but sit in the car and watch.

  • S04E15 Bring Back The Cat

    • December 16, 1964
    • BBC One

    It's a lively evening for Smith and Weir. First they have to try and cope with a woman who is charging her husband with an unusual theft. Then they have to intervene when two dockers engage in a punch-up, deal with a pensioner who thinks that the police are trying to steal his money, and finally confront a Scots tearaway who is handy with a shovel but is more interested in the works of Sir Walter Scott.

  • S04E16 If He Runs - Grab Him

    • December 23, 1964
    • BBC One

    An old lady is assaulted and robbed. She manages to struggle home to her companion and soon both the cars and DCI Barlow are on the scene.

  • S04E17 First Foot

    • December 30, 1964
    • BBC One

    New Year's Eve in Newtown means a three-line whip for the lads on the cars. Everyone has to be on the job to cope with the drunks, the rowdy parties and aggression in the pubs. Then there is the thief using the occasion to carry out some quiet breaking and entering, and the teenage girl, daughter of a loveless home, looking for brief happiness by running away with a sailor.

  • S04E18 Think On

    • January 6, 1965
    • BBC One

    A bus load of witnesses - and not one with a voice. Pub closing time in Newtown has come to mean more than the problem of drunken passengers for the men who crew the buses on route no. 86. It has come to be a time to be feared - a time when violence strikes.

  • S04E19 The Luck Of The Game

    • January 13, 1965
    • BBC One

    Some parents' trouble is that they protect their children too much.

  • S04E20 I Love You Bonzo

    • January 20, 1965
    • BBC One

    Lynch is on the trail of an artist of a thief who broke into the Seaport Supermarket.

  • S04E21 Brotherly Love

    • January 27, 1965
    • BBC One

    In any community you'll find a few people who are out of alignment - and all too often they find themselves involved with the police.

  • S04E22 A Matter Of Give And Take

    • February 3, 1965
    • BBC One

    The suspicions of a canal lock-keeper bring Z-Victor One into contact with the canal community and eventually lead to the investigation of a more serious crime.

  • S04E23 Give A Dog A Name

    • February 10, 1965
    • BBC One

    A lost constable, but Sgt. Watt refuses to join his colleagues in jumping to conclusions. PC Boyle has been transferred to Newtown with a black mark on his record. Everyone knows why, and only John Watt is convinced of Boyle's good character.

  • S04E24 The Long Spoon

    • February 17, 1965
    • BBC One

    Barlow accepts a favour from a local trader - and his integrity becomes suspect.

  • S04E25 Teething Trouble

    • February 24, 1965
    • BBC One

    A child cries, and family man PC Baker finds himself getting too involved.

  • S04E26 A Shame To Take The Money

    • March 3, 1965
    • BBC One

    Two men carry off a mechanical shovel from a building site.

  • S04E27 Window Dressing

    • March 10, 1965
    • BBC One

    When No. 18 alarm bell rings in Newtown station Watt and Blackitt brace themselves for trouble. For No. 18 is Mercer's Universal Stores and Mr. Mercer is a notoriously difficult character.

  • S04E28 Partners

    • March 17, 1965
    • BBC One

    A doctor is accused of indecent assault, and Barlow is faced with the problem of evidence. And when a jailbird is found in possession of a stolen watch it looks to Lynch like an open and shut case. In both cases, however, there is a lack of conclusive evidence.

  • S04E29 The Fanatics

    • March 24, 1965
    • BBC One

    Baker and Graham take time out for a snack, but there's no let up when the division is invaded by Scots football fans. Jock Weir becomes more than usually involved.

  • S04E30 You Got To Have Class

    • March 31, 1965
    • BBC One

    A child witnesses a crime against her father, but her mother refuses to co-operate with the police. Fancy's always uncertain temper reaches boiling point.

  • S04E31 The Mice Will Play

    • April 7, 1965
    • BBC One

    A particularly nasty wave of 'flu has decimated the staff at Newtown with Barlow and Blackitt among the victims. To add to the problems Weir and Baker are away sitting examinations, so a temporary team of Smith and Graham are manning Z_Victor One. They investigate when a baby is found abandoned in a cafe, while Watt and Lynch cope with a mysterious outbreak of garden gate stealing on the North Estate.

  • S04E32 Sound An Alarm

    • April 14, 1965
    • BBC One

    Personal radio comes to Newtown - with disastrous results.

  • S04E33 The Soft Game

    • April 21, 1965
    • BBC One

    Toby, a man high up on the ledge of a derelict warehouse, is likely to jump off at the mere sight of a uniform. It is up to Bert Lynch, desperately anxious not to reveal himself as a policeman, to gain Toby's confidence and talk him down.

  • S04E34 Snakes Alive

    • April 28, 1965
    • BBC One

    Some people will pinch anything - and sometimes they get more than they bargained for!

  • S04E35 Suspected Murder

    • May 5, 1965
    • BBC One

    Graham and Baker set out to look for a stolen car but instead come upon a far less trivial incident. Someone has disappeared and the disappearance may be permanent. Barlow has no choice but to call in the 'heavy brigade' from Headquarters.

  • S04E36 The Share-Out

    • May 12, 1965
    • BBC One

    It's time for the share-out from one of Newtown's holiday savings clubs. £18,000 is in club funds. John Watt has to give protection to the money overnight. PCs Walker and Foster take turns in standing guard, but when the dawn comes and the money leaves for the share-out all is not well.

  • S04E37 Checkmate

    • May 19, 1965
    • BBC One

    Three suspects arrive in the Newtown area. Graham and Baker are instructed to warn them off. Lynch, using a different approach, finds himself drinking with them all evening. Then two of the interlopers are found in a crashed car surrounded by very valuable antiques. The case is important enough to keep Barlow working on his day off.

  • S04E38 Another Fairy Tale

    • May 26, 1965
    • BBC One

    When two masked men terrorise the wife of a bookmaker and rob his safe it looks like a local job, and only hours after his release from prison Henry McNeil is picked up in a stolen car. But as Barlow remarks, a pro like McNeil will be caught only with his hands in the till.

  • S04E39 Market Square

    • June 6, 1965
    • BBC One

    Victor Division prepares for a Royal visit, but crime doesn't stop for the occasion. Lynch makes a mistake and is left fumbling for excuses and a need for action. His conscience will not easily let him forget his day in Market Square.

  • S04E40 Error of Judgement

    • June 9, 1965
    • BBC One

    PC Foster, helped by ex-boxer Len Phillips, breaks up a gang of youngsters blocking the pavement. His unnecessarily rough treatment of the rowdies comes to the attention of Sgt. Blackitt, who sets about putting his house in order.

  • S04E41 Under Cover

    • June 16, 1965
    • BBC One

    The police have to deal with depravity in all its guises - both of the body and of the mind.

  • S04E42 One Good Turn

    • June 23, 1965
    • BBC One

    Watt, Blackitt and Smith try to help Benny Dunn. Benny's mam won't let him into the house; he has nowhere to go, no money for food and there's something about him that softens even a policeman's heart.

  • S04E43 Warning Shots

    • June 30, 1965
    • BBC One

    It is PC Ken Baker's last day on Z-Victor Two. He has been selected for further training at Police College. He is looking forward to a peaceful day and a quiet drink with his mates after his shift. However, when two shots are fired his farewell to Newtown is anything but peaceful.

Season 5

  • S05E01 With A Pin

    • October 5, 1965
    • BBC One

    There is a local race meeting on and Barlow, as befitting his rank, has been assigned to keep an eye on Tattersall's. Lynch is less fortunate: his beat is the car park, so far distant from the course that his chances of picking up useful information are limited. A suitably dressed Blackitt, off duty, is present as a private punter. Smith and Weir are cruising in Z-Victor One as usual.

  • S05E02 Wilful Destruction

    • October 12, 1965
    • BBC One

    PC Walker joins Dave Graham in Z-Victor Two - and finds himself thrown in at the deep end.

  • S05E03 Cop And Blow

    • October 19, 1965
    • BBC One

    The Lucky 13 Club opens in Seaport. It is lush and plush with its professional dealers and croupiers, but it is not crooked. But it attracts its share of mugs - and a frightened woman.

  • S05E04 The Hard-Face Grabber

    • October 26, 1965
    • BBC One

    It's all very well taking in a stray, but Sgt. Blackitt thinks this one might bite the hand that feeds it.

  • S05E05 Inspection

    • November 2, 1965
    • BBC One

    Newtown nick is awaiting an official visit by H.M. Inspector of Constabulary. The station is spick and span, gleaming with polish, when in walks a miner, straight from the coal face, dripping coal dust over everything. He wants to confess to his part in the theft of a forty feet long shed the previous night. Blackitt is furious and desperately tries to persuade the miner to come back later. The argument is at its height when H.M. Inspector arrives.

  • S05E06 Routine Inquiries

    • November 9, 1965
    • BBC One

    Is a man lying? Lynch has to decide for himself and act accordingly.

  • S05E07 A Morning's Sport

    • November 16, 1965
    • BBC One

    Three boys are bashing away at a piano which has been left on the street. Watt thinks he knows which bunch of practical jokers put it there. But the whole resources of Newtown station are rushed to the marshes at Seaport where a pair of 'sportsmen' get trapped by their own ignorance and folly.

  • S05E08 Contrary To Regulations

    • November 23, 1965
    • BBC One

    What happened to Jean Roe, who is found unconscious on the floor in an upstairs flat? To Graham and Walker it looks like a straightforward case of assault. But this is only the beginning and soon they find themselves involved in a case of drug addiction.

  • S05E09 The Good Life

    • November 30, 1965
    • BBC One

    A night watchman's hut is heaven to Patsy and Alfie, but it's back to earth with a bump when Fancy Smith turns up a card.

  • S05E10 Celebration

    • December 7, 1965
    • BBC One

    Sgt. Blackitt takes his wife Alice out to dinner to celebrate his 25 years on the force. He has reason to celebrate, but events force him to realise that over-zealous attention to duty can have serious consequences.

  • S05E11 But The Crying ...

    • December 14, 1965
    • BBC One

    When Brian Logan unlawfully courts two women at the same time, the end can only mean unhappiness, not to mention problems for Smith and Weir. Lynch has to finish the case, but without much help from Barlow, who has promotion and transfer on his mind.

  • S05E12 That's The Way It Is

    • December 21, 1965
    • BBC One

Season 6

Season 7

  • S07E01 The Stone Standard Part 1

    • August 2, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E02 The Stone Standard Part 2

    • August 3, 1971
    • BBC One

    Sergeant Stone - up against militant management and militant workers. And he won't compromise.

  • S07E03 The Mystery Part 1

    • April 9, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E04 The Mystery Part 2

    • August 10, 1971
    • BBC One

    A teenage girl and night time at a railway station brings a problem for PC Covill.

  • S07E05 Nobody Hit Me Part 1

    • August 16, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E06 Nobody Hit Me Part 2

    • August 17, 1971
    • BBC One

    Two grocers, one across the road from the other. Both ordinary, everyday characters. But then one of them has a fire in his shop. Goss and Stone end up with one villain and two very frightened men.

  • S07E07 Dan, Dan... Part 1

    • August 23, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E08 Dan, Dan... Part 2

    • August 24, 1971
    • BBC One

    To get stolen goods to the public a villain has to be an organising genius, and that's not all. The police are keeping an eye on Reg Thurley, who seems to be leading a double life.

  • S07E09 Funny Fellah

    • August 31, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E10 Who's Your Friend ... ? Part 1

    • September 6, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E11 Who's Your Friend ... ? Part 2

    • September 7, 1971
    • BBC One

    Liam Murphy is losing control of the gang. It's time for action.

  • S07E12 Purely Medical Purposes Part 1

    • September 13, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E13 Purely Medical Purposes part 2

    • September 14, 1971
    • BBC One

    Charlie West is found with stolen property. He's in trouble, so he calls his lawyer.

  • S07E14 Grandstand Finish Part 1

    • September 20, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E15 Grandstand Finish Part 2

    • September 21, 1971
    • BBC One

    Sunday is all quiet, but Monday brings 'Open Day' problems at the Station. But there are more urgent troubles outside.

  • S07E16 Funny Creatures Women Part 1

    • September 27, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E17 Funny Creatures Women Part 2

    • September 28, 1971
    • BBC One

    Night, a deserted park and a young woman on her way home. Skinner is interviewed by Goss and Stone. Then they take the keys to his quarters.

  • S07E18 The Dirty Job Part 1

    • October 4, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E19 The Dirty Job Part 2

    • October 5, 1971
    • BBC One

    The Bannion family is in trouble, but at first not with the police. Bannion can possibly help Goss catch a villain. But is Goss willing to help Bannion in return?

  • S07E20 Ding Dong Part 1

    • October 11, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E21 Ding Dong Part 2

    • October 12, 1971
    • BBC One

    Juvenile crime in Newtown has reached a serious level. A clean-up campaign goes into operation. Then the Sheldon mob arrive in town.

  • S07E22 Intrusion Part 1

    • October 18, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E23 Intrusion Part 2

    • October 19, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E24 Not Often We Have Visitors Part 1

    • October 25, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E25 Not Often We Have Visitors Part 2

    • October 26, 1971
    • BBC One

    There's a V.I.P. visit in the offing and everyone is making plans: Newtown police, Special Branch, Headquarters. And they're not the only ones. It's a straight line from the airport to the Remand Home. And the roads should be fairly quiet.

  • S07E26 Contact Man Part 1

    • November 1, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E27 Contact Man Part 2

    • November 2, 1971
    • BBC One

    Three villains are under lock and key. But where is the missing eight thousand pounds? With business problems and an expensive wife Mr. Owen has lots of reasons to be worried, but there's another reason too.

  • S07E28 Take Away Part 1

    • November 8, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E29 Take Away Part 2

    • November 9, 1971
    • BBC One

    Nicked cars are normally just a routine job. So what makes Annette Minto's so different? At first she just wants her car back, but then something makes her change her mind.

  • S07E30 Who Were You With? Part 1

    • November 15, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E31 Who Were You With? Part 2

    • November 16, 1971
    • BBC One

    A hairdresser's shop is wrecked. In the middle is a frightened girl. She's alone and vulnerable and it's night time. She's no money and nowhere to go. It's not surprising that she's scared.

  • S07E32 Danny Boy's Home Part 1

    • November 22, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E33 Danny Boy's Home Part 2

    • November 23, 1971
    • BBC One

    Danny Baker returns to Newtown. But DS Haggar is back as well. It's not long before the two of them lock antlers.

  • S07E34 Rules Of The Game Part 1

    • November 29, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E35 Rules Of The Game Part 2

    • November 30, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E36 The Wrong Odds Part 1

    • December 6, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E37 The Wrong Odds Part 2

    • December 7, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E38 The Horse Dealer Part 1

    • December 13, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E39 The Horse Dealer Part 2

    • December 14, 1971
    • BBC One

    With Goss coming back Haggar wants to go out on a winner. And even he has a friend or two willing to help him.

  • S07E40 Collation Part 1

    • December 20, 1971
    • BBC One

  • S07E41 Collation Part 2

    • December 21, 1971
    • BBC One

    Promotion is in the air and Goss is in with an outside chance. A sighting, plus a report from a beat man, might just add up to a feather in Goss's cap at just the right time.

  • S07E42 Last Bus To Newtown

    • January 3, 1972
    • BBC One

    Bert Lynch has almost forgotten what life is like on the cars - out there in the thick of things.

  • S07E43 Lynch

    • January 10, 1972
    • BBC One

    Change. New people. Different methods. Some people call it progress. Bert Lynch, out on his own, is starting to feel left behind. Not the best time for his surprise visitor to call.

  • S07E44 Team Work

    • January 17, 1972
    • BBC One

    Whether it's a family trying to adjust to change or the police force mounting a big crime prevention operation a team is only as strong as its weakest member.

  • S07E45 The Attackers

    • January 24, 1972
    • BBC One

    A lad is walking home late at night...

  • S07E46 Retirement

    • January 31, 1972
    • BBC One

    An old man tries to stop a robbery...

  • S07E47 Promotion

    • February 14, 1972
    • BBC One

    Police life often puts a strain on a marriage, as Goss finds out. Stone is single, but that can also mean trouble.

  • S07E48 Canal

    • February 21, 1972
    • BBC One

    It's the age of fast getaways, but Frank and George are exceptions. They're villains all the same and Sgt. Miller thinks they're worth watching.

  • S07E49 Care

    • February 22, 1973
    • BBC One

    Two girls with their husbands away. Maureen is the social type and likes a drink; Jill is the lonely type, but she finds something for the police to do.

  • S07E50 Week Off

    • February 28, 1972
    • BBC One

    Lynch tries to get away from it all...

  • S07E51 Missing

    • March 6, 1972
    • BBC One

    Mariam Ahmed makes some trouble for the police.

  • S07E52 Quilley

    • April 10, 1972
    • BBC One

    Quilley - on and off duty - with trouble on both fronts.

  • S07E53 Tessa In The Woodpile

    • April 17, 1972
    • BBC One

    After a robbery Tessa goes on the warpath.

  • S07E54 Keep To Yourself

    • April 24, 1972
    • BBC One

    Two loners. Stone cops one of them, Skinner the other.

  • S07E55 Smoke

    • May 1, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E56 Operation Ascalon

    • May 8, 1972
    • BBC One

    Is Goss to blame when the operation goes wrong?

  • S07E57 Short Cut

    • May 15, 1972
    • BBC One

    Stone arrests and charges Andy Walker as a try-on.

  • S07E58 Hagger

    • May 22, 1972
    • BBC One

    DS Cecil Haggar is back in Newtown. He's at a loose end, so he gravitates towards the nearest pub. There he finds trouble.

  • S07E59 Playtime

    • May 29, 1972
    • BBC One

    Stone and Skinner are off duty. Then there's a jewel theft and a robbery with violence.

  • S07E60 Sweet Girl

    • June 5, 1972
    • BBC One

    A lass is missing...

  • S07E61 Access

    • June 12, 1972
    • BBC One

    Quilley stops at a pub. Is it routine, or isn't it?

  • S07E62 Goss

    • June 19, 1972
    • BBC One

    Mrs. Goss and a lawyer add up to problems for DI Goss.

  • S07E63 The Wolf And The Sheep Part 1

    • July 10, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E64 The Wolf And The Sheep Part 2

    • July 11, 1972
    • BBC One

    Sgt. Miller is back on duty and up against another pro. He gets some good advice.

  • S07E65 Forget It Part 1

    • July 17, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E66 Forget It Part 2

    • July 18, 1972
    • BBC One

    A man with no name and no memory - or a man with something to hide?

  • S07E67 A Neighbour's Goods Part 1

    • July 24, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E68 A Neighbour's Goods Part 2

    • July 25, 1972
    • BBC One

    There's a dead woman and Sgt. Miller expects trouble. Then an anonymous phone call brings more surprises for him.

  • S07E69 Loyalties Part 1

    • July 31, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E70 Loyalties Part 2

    • August 1, 1972
    • BBC One

    Stolen gear, or planted? Stone and Lynch disagree. Lynch is trying to get one over Stone. Then the punch-up happens.

  • S07E71 Relative Values Part 1

    • August 7, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E72 Relative Values Part 2

    • August 8, 1972
    • BBC One

    OAPs are short of cash... and then the police are involved. Stone and Skinner are looking for something old-fashioned.

  • S07E73 Not Good Enough Part 1

    • August 14, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E74 Not Good Enough Part 2

    • August 15, 1972
    • BBC One

    Sgt. Miller wants him. So does Skinner. But Bright is clever. Miller tries the 'Chinese Water Torture'.

  • S07E75 Breakage Part 1

    • August 21, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E76 Breakage Part 2

    • August 22, 1972
    • BBC One

    A man with a parcel - George T. Wood - who's looking for someone; who's been kept waiting most of his life. And a derelict building, all glass and wind - and someone up on the roof. Quilley takes a big risk.

  • S07E77 Connor

    • September 11, 1972
    • BBC One

    Fred Connor is the new Detective Inspector at Newtown. He has unfinished business - with a villain named Bright.

  • S07E78 The Team

    • September 18, 1972
    • BBC One

    Inspector Connor is on trial. So is Sgt. Stone and the entire Newtown police force.

  • S07E79 Witness

    • September 25, 1972
    • BBC One

    Terence Nichols is in custody at Newtown police station after a wages snatch. There are three days to the trial and Stone thinks it's an open and shut case. He has a reliable witness in Sydney Adams. But one of the villains is still on the run.

  • S07E80 Takes All Sorts

    • October 2, 1972
    • BBC One

    A new Inspector arrives at Newtown, Ralph Edward Pratt by name, spruce as a pocket hanky and dripping self-confidence. He is fussy and believes in doing everything by the book. He also wants to get involved in everything that's going on, however trivial. It doesn't take long for Bert Lynch to take a violent dislike to the newcomer and to make every effort to avoid him!

  • S07E81 Sins Of The Father

    • October 9, 1972
    • BBC One

    Wives of prisoners are easier to chat up than the prisoners themselves - and Inspector Connor wants to find the missing money from a bank robbery.

  • S07E82 Damage

    • October 16, 1972
    • BBC One

    Night-time and a frightened house breaker. Newtown police reveal an unusual mystery.

  • S07E83 Day Trip

    • October 23, 1972
    • BBC One

    Sgt. Haggar and PC Quilley are back on the strength just at the time Dilly Watson, a clever thief, arrives in Newtown.

  • S07E84 Public Relations

    • October 30, 1972
    • BBC One

    DS Haggar doesn't like Ken Knowles. ""Journalists,"" he says, ""grow fat on misrepresenting police information"". He doesn't like old Bertha either. She doesn't give information. So what chance does he stand against both of them?

  • S07E85 Old Soldiers

    • November 6, 1972
    • BBC One

    Old Sepp is passing through Newtown. PC Hackett is on the way out. But both are involved with Marlene.

  • S07E86 Diabolical Liberty

    • November 13, 1972
    • BBC One

    There's just no helping some people, as Bert Lynch finds out when Chief Inspector Logie investigates a break-in with a difference.

  • S07E87 Old Acquaintance

    • November 20, 1972
    • BBC One

    A newly released prisoner, Dan Fowler, returns to his wife Julia and plans to fix an old enemy. But Julia has plans of her own.

  • S07E88 The Legacy

    • November 27, 1972
    • BBC One

    Sgt. Stone goes to the funeral of an old and respected thief in the hope of unearthing a few skeletons. But dead men don't talk and neither will this one's grandson.

  • S07E89 The Amateurs

    • December 4, 1972
    • BBC One

    While Austin Nuttall dreams of owning his own business Connor dreams of nailing a fence. And with two crimes unsolved, Connor demonstrates how to kill two men and two birds with one stone.

  • S07E90 Hobo

    • December 11, 1972
    • BBC One

    A gullible old man, a con man, and a do-gooder. And Tom Stone is right in the middle and in need of somewhere to live.

  • S07E91 Old Lag

    • December 18, 1972
    • BBC One

  • S07E92 Skinner

    • January 4, 1973
    • BBC One

    Skinner returns to C.I.D. He's after a villain, wanted by both the Met. and DS Haggar.

  • S07E93 Skin Game

    • January 11, 1973
    • BBC One

    A safe-breaker, a club owner and a farmer. All three play the same game until Miller joins in and gets under their skin.

  • S07E94 Backwater

    • January 18, 1973
    • BBC One

    All Tom Stone wants is a quiet weekend's fishing, but then he meets Sergeant Rust. Together they catch a very queer fish, but have different ideas about landing it.

  • S07E95 Big Jake

    • January 25, 1973
    • BBC One

    Who gets to Big Jake first, Billy Fielden or DC Skinner? One of them wants to help him, the other just wants him. And who, or what, is Big Jake anyway?

  • S07E96 Women At Work

    • February 1, 1973
    • BBC One

    Two working women, one admired by Lynch, the other disliked by Miller. And in the background a singular third person, badly wanted by Skinner.

  • S07E97 Jack The Dodger

    • February 8, 1973
    • BBC One

    There's a problem for Skinner when a suspicious odd-job man takes lodgings with an old flame of Bert Lynch.

  • S07E98 Miller

    • February 15, 1973
    • BBC One

    A body in a canal and Miller follows a chain of enquiries that brings him face to face with... himself.

  • S07E99 Operation Watchdog

    • March 1, 1973
    • BBC One

    Connor comes back to vandalism and to conflict with some local bigwigs. And Skinner's in a spot of bother

  • S07E100 Defection

    • March 8, 1973
    • BBC One

    A member of a visiting Trade Delegation takes a positive step concerning th future. But Sgt. Stone's future is left for Connor and Richards to fight over.

  • S07E101 Invention

    • March 15, 1973
    • BBC One

    Rowena Bishop has a reputation for storytelling. She tells Sgt. Lynch about a body down on the foreshore.

  • S07E102 Hard Man

    • March 22, 1973
    • BBC One

    Clifford Roscoe is the local hard man. He's fresh out of jail and ready and anxious to cause trouble. But Stone and Connor are ready for him.

  • S07E103 Domestic

    • March 29, 1973
    • BBC One

    A bitter argument, an unexpected tragedy and Sgt. Stone finds himself pushing a suspect very hard indeed.

  • S07E104 Pat

    • April 5, 1973
    • BBC One

    Pat Mason is a Salvationist and everyone likes her, particularly the regulars at Alan Doherty's pub. So why should anyone want to hurt her?

  • S07E105 Bowman

    • April 12, 1973
    • BBC One

    Bringing up a family in Newtown isn't easy, especially for a copper.

  • S07E106 The Lady And The Gentleman

    • April 19, 1973
    • BBC One

    There's a housebreaker with a difference operating in Newtown. He leaves no marks when he breaks in and he never steals anything.

  • S07E107 Suspicion

    • April 30, 1973
    • BBC One

    Sgt. Lynch takes an interest in Susan Rawlings while her husband is in prison.

  • S07E108 Mileage

    • May 7, 1973
    • BBC One

    Jupp has a large family and needs to keep his job. But events pile up against him - his boss and a robbery - and he needs to keep his cool.

  • S07E109 Routine

    • May 14, 1973
    • BBC One

    Lynch and Quilley are on 'nights'. And a routine call to a break-in leads to a break-up that's far from routine.

  • S07E110 The Spike

    • May 21, 1973
    • BBC One

    A suspicious death. Who is and who isn't involved? And what is the fiddle going on at Munster House?

  • S07E111 Hi-Jack

    • June 4, 1973
    • BBC One

    A stolen lorry load of meat parked on a busy road. A piece of cake for the police, unless the lorry driver's name is Houdini!

  • S07E112 Mother And Child

    • June 11, 1973
    • BBC One

    Joyce is very protective towards her son - even when he's in prison.

  • S07E113 Co-Operation

    • June 18, 1973
    • BBC One

    Understanding between husband and wife, detective and villain, Police Constable and member of the public - but what about the co-operation between Stone and Haggar?

  • S07E114 No Proceedings

    • June 25, 1973
    • BBC One

    Hugo Vallance, an old-fashioned Lord of the Manor, is trying to survive in a modern world - of gossip, scandal and theft.

  • S07E115 Officer Material...?

    • July 2, 1973
    • BBC One

    It's the day of Lynch's promotion board. He's already passed his exams, so he knows his stuff. But - is he the right type to be an officer?

Season 8

  • S08E01 Inspector Lynch

    • October 22, 1973
    • BBC One

    Bert Lynch has been promoted to Inspector. But is he still one of the lads?

  • S08E02 Nuisance

    • October 29, 1973
    • BBC One

    Alexandra is always complaining to an already overworked police force about her next door neighbour Percy. But is she just a nuisance? Or should Inspector Lynch take her complaints seriously?

  • S08E03 Escape

    • November 5, 1973
    • BBC One

    Some London villains spring Charlie Cotton from prison, but, too late, he cottons on to the fact that he's been sprung for a purpose.

  • S08E04 Break Up

    • November 19, 1973
    • BBC One

    A woman is arrested for shoplifting and a thief has his alibi checked. On the face of it two routine cases. But even the most routine cases can have repercussions.

  • S08E05 Stray Girl

    • November 26, 1973
    • BBC One

    Mary Mangan disappears with her baby. The worst is feared and a full scale police search is mounted.

  • S08E06 Pieces

    • December 3, 1973
    • BBC One

    A house is broken into and Skinner grabs at the opportunity to improve his record. But he grabs too hard and a man suffers.

  • S08E07 The Cinder Path

    • December 10, 1973
    • BBC One

    Goss is back! In court he finds himself in an unfamiliar role. Against Quilley... twice!

  • S08E08 Cadet

    • December 11, 1973
    • BBC One

    Cadet Peter Preston wants nothing more than to be a policeman, and even though he's a bit of a joke at Newtown his future seems assured. Then his father takes someone for a ride.

  • S08E09 Pressure Of Work

    • December 17, 1973
    • BBC One

    Goss goes out for a quiet day with a friend, but the friend ends up in a cell and a policeman ends up in hospital.

  • S08E10 Absence

    • January 7, 1974
    • BBC One

    A bank raid is in the offing and the only man who knows anything about it is Harry Dance.

  • S08E11 In Police Hands

    • January 21, 1974
    • BBC One

    Julie and Dave are happy: then they're in the nick. It seems that simply being in love is a crime these days.

  • S08E12 Two Hundred Tartan Teddy Bears

    • February 4, 1974
    • BBC One

    Stone and Lynch are puzzled by two cases - one involving bears and the other old ladies.

  • S08E13 Joanna

    • February 11, 1974
    • BBC One

    When Albert Smith goes looking for his daughter Joanna his enquiries cause trouble.

  • S08E14 Pressure

    • February 18, 1974
    • BBC One

    A young petty thief and a young Police Constable find themselves under a similar kind of pressure. The pressure to prove themselves.

  • S08E15 Waste

    • February 25, 1974
    • BBC One

    Not so much a skeleton in the cupboard - more a body, alive and kicking, in the attic.

  • S08E16 Two Wise Monkeys

    • March 4, 1974
    • BBC One

    When villains like Burford and Tyndale fall out they will go to any lengths to settle a score. And somewhere along the line the police have to take drastic measures.

  • S08E17 Dinner Break

    • March 11, 1974
    • BBC One

    Lunchtime - relaxation for some. But not for those on duty at Newtown Station.

  • S08E18 Allegiance

    • March 18, 1974
    • BBC One

    Joe Skinner questions a lad about breaking into a cigarette machine, but it soon becomes apparent that he is after more than a confession.

  • S08E19 Rota

    • March 25, 1974
    • BBC One

    The same crime can be committed over and over again, unless someone decides to co-operate with the police.

  • S08E20 Priority

    • April 1, 1974
    • BBC One

    Quilley and Braithwaite have a tricky customer to deal with; Lynch has Stone, as well as a missing child and a shop break-in.

  • S08E21 Background

    • April 8, 1974
    • BBC One

  • S08E22 Losers

    • April 10, 1974
    • BBC One

    DI Connor runs into Marjorie, an old flame. But what a change in her!

  • S08E23 Turnabout

    • April 22, 1974
    • BBC One

    Mary and Fiona, two women of equal ability and opportunity. So why is one of them a criminal?

  • S08E24 Intruder

    • April 29, 1974
    • BBC One

  • S08E25 Mugs?

    • May 6, 1974
    • BBC One

    Several well-planned robberies, but none of the suspects with brains and style enough to organise them. So who did?

  • S08E26 Pastime

    • May 13, 1974
    • BBC One

    A fire-raiser for Skinner and an extortionist for Stone and Lynch. Some people have the strangest pastimes.

  • S08E27 Certain Parties

    • May 20, 1974
    • BBC One

    Back in Newtown after seven years in Parkhurst, Pikey Nimmo wants to settle up with the men who put him away. Stone was one of them.

  • S08E28 Family

    • June 30, 1974
    • BBC One

    Susan Giles wants her father back inside and uses two men to help her. One of them is Quilley, and he unwittingly ruins Skinner's work.

Season 9

  • S09E01 Bits An' Bats

    • September 9, 1974
    • BBC One

    There's a new Cash'n'Carry being built in Newtown and some odd characters work on it. One of them is on the fiddle - bits and bats to begin with.

  • S09E02 Old Bones

    • September 16, 1974
    • BBC One

    Lynch deals with a skeleton on the moors and Skinner with several in various cupboards.

  • S09E03 Mysteries

    • September 30, 1974
    • BBC One

    Ossie Davies is a security guard. He's a pushover. You just knock off his specs, threaten him a bit and help yourself. But Miller reckons there's more to Ossie than that.

  • S09E04 Night Train

    • October 7, 1974
    • BBC One

    Lynch, Quilley and Braithwaite take a night train to Manchester in search of a murder suspect.

  • S09E05 Friends

    • October 14, 1974
    • BBC One

    Quilley is a good copper, but as an amateur footballer he has his limitations. Jesse Alty is a good footballer but has ambitions to be a better car thief. He and Quilley play for the same team and Gordon Glossop is a friend of both of them.

  • S09E06 Mugs

    • October 21, 1974
    • BBC One

  • S09E07 Gardens

    • October 28, 1974
    • BBC One

    A quiet Sunday - and the dead body of a man, smartly dressed, slumped in an allotment shed.

  • S09E08 Quiet As The Grave

    • November 4, 1974
    • BBC One

    Sunday night duty is traditionally quiet, but on this occasion it's too quiet for Miller's comfort.

  • S09E09 Pursuit

    • November 11, 1974
    • BBC One

    A call reporting an early morning break-in is quickly answered and Render is only minutes behind the intruder.

  • S09E10 Have You Seen This Child

    • November 18, 1974
    • BBC One

    Colin Williams haunts Inspector Lynch, and Sergeant Moffatt haunts a thief called Mulligan.

  • S09E11 Occupation

    • November 25, 1974
    • BBC One

    A factory work-in is on its last legs with the police outside the gates, keeping the peace but waiting for someone to break it.

  • S09E12 Unnecessary Force

    • December 2, 1974
    • BBC One

    How did a man like Derek Murphy get beaten up by his best friend, a man half his size? A puzzle for Miller, Yates and Skinner.

  • S09E13 The Bouncer

    • December 9, 1974
    • BBC One

    Eddy Howarth is the over-enthusiastic bouncer at the local dance hall, but his devotion to duty and jealousy over a woman land him in trouble, and he finds himself facing a serious charge.

  • S09E14 House To House

    • December 16, 1974
    • BBC One

    A full-scale house to house enquiry fails to produce a witness until a mysterious night prowler and two criminals lay their own freedom on the line.

  • S09E15 Boy In Blue

    • January 6, 1975
    • BBC One

    The men at Newtown question their own stability when the past catches up with a lady called Gwen Newcombe.

  • S09E16 Local Knowledge

    • January 13, 1975
    • BBC One

    Lynch receives a tip-off from a friend and finds himself in the middle of a delicate enquiry with his loyalties divided.

  • S09E17 Innocent And Vulnerable

    • January 20, 1975
    • BBC One

    Tempers fray among men constructing a block of flats, but for one family who actually live in a high-rise, nerves reach breaking point and an everyday flare-up develops into a police enquiry.

  • S09E18 Intervention

    • January 27, 1975
    • BBC One

    Just two miles from Newtown centre lies open country and another world where people settle their grievances in a different way.

  • S09E19 Tonight And Every Night

    • February 3, 1975
    • BBC One

  • S09E20 Transit

    • February 10, 1975
    • BBC One

    When a lock-keeper complains of strange noises coming from a disused warehouse, a routine enquiry turns into a macabre situation.

  • S09E21 Snouts

    • February 17, 1975
    • BBC One

    Jack Melish is walking down a deserted street near the docks to keep a secret appointment with Inspector Lynch. Suddenly a car pulls up alongside him and he is bundled into the back seat. The car races off...

  • S09E22 Squatters

    • February 24, 1975
    • BBC One

  • S09E23 Eviction

    • March 3, 1975
    • BBC One

    Continuation of the previous episode 'Squatters'. With Quilley in hospital, Lynch's attitude to the squatters hardens.

  • S09E24 Incitement

    • March 10, 1975
    • BBC One

    Why should a woman want to betray her husband to the police - even before he has committed the crime?

  • S09E25 Thanks But...No Thanks

    • March 17, 1975
    • BBC One

    Alec Quilley is up for promotion. He has an excellent service record, but how close an examination will his private life bear?

  • S09E26 Kronur

    • March 24, 1975
    • BBC One

    A fool and his money are soon parted - all the sooner if you don't know how much the money is worth.

  • S09E27 Scapegoat

    • April 7, 1975
    • BBC One

    As an act of kindness Bert Lynch gives a deadbeat tramp a cell for the night - and finds himself up to his neck in trouble.

  • S09E28 Bit Of Business

    • April 14, 1975
    • BBC One

    A casual enquiry about car thieves leads Skinner to suspect that someone is taking him for a ride.

  • S09E29 Distance

    • May 4, 1997
    • BBC One

    Joe Skinner fancies a bird. She seems to fancy him. So why is he investigating her background?

  • S09E30 Ritual

    • April 28, 1975
    • BBC One

    Continuation of the previous episode 'Distance'. Skinner has been shot dead and the Murder Squad have taken over the case. So why is Haggar meeting a mate halfway down the M6?

  • S09E31 Legacy

    • May 5, 1975
    • BBC One

    Continuation of the two previous episodes 'Distance' and 'Ritual'. The hunt for Skinner's murderer has moved away from Newtown. So why is a London detective on his way there, in secret?

  • S09E32 A New Broom

    • May 12, 1975
    • BBC One

    The new CID Inspector is an old mate of Cecil Haggar's... isn't he?

Season 10

  • S10E01 Guns

    • January 5, 1976
    • BBC One

    Armed robbery is becoming almost a daily event and sooner or later somebody's bound to get hurt. But what happens if the police meet violence with violence?

  • S10E02 Manslaughter

    • January 12, 1976
    • BBC One

    The public expect to be protected by the police. But if a policeman kills a member of the public in the execution of his duty, will the protector be prosecuted?

  • S10E03 Prisoner

    • January 19, 1976
    • BBC One

    When a constable is ten minutes late reporting in an alert goes out. Alec Quilley hasn't been seen or heard of for over an hour.

  • S10E04 The Frighteners

    • January 26, 1976
    • BBC One

    An ex-villain is entitled to police protection just like anyone else - isn't he?

  • S10E05 Contact

    • February 2, 1976
    • BBC One

    A man is trapped under a load of dangerous chemicals. Move him, and the lot might go up. Leave him there and...

  • S10E06 Kidnap

    • February 9, 1976
    • BBC One

    A rag week kidnap for charity starts out all right, but...

  • S10E07 Say Goodbye To The Horses

    • February 16, 1976
    • BBC One

    There are plenty of ways to make sure a horse loses a race, but how do you make a horse WIN a race?

  • S10E08 A Preacher In Passing

    • February 23, 1976
    • BBC One

    A quiet Sunday and Moffat finds himself in church. But not praying!

  • S10E09 Nightwatch

    • March 1, 1976
    • BBC One

    Keeping surveillance on a goods yard full of empty wagons seems a pretty barren exercise - unless you know what's at stake.

  • S10E10 Ringers

    • March 8, 1976
    • BBC One

    In detection you need routine and instinct. But not necessarily in that order.

  • S10E11 Fairground

    • March 15, 1976
    • BBC One

    A young girl is attacked and Lynch has to look into 'all the fun of the fair'.

  • S10E12 Hunch

    • March 22, 1976
    • BBC One

    Which is more important - a batch of missing cameras, or a missing girl?

  • S10E13 Scot Free

    • March 29, 1976
    • BBC One

    Two boys are trapped in a disused mine. Why is their friend terrified of going to the police?

Season 11

  • S11E01 The Man Who Killed Songbirds

    • April 5, 1977
    • BBC One

    Young Colin's route home from school lies across a grubby parkland. Hiding in the bushes is a man with sweets... and a knife.

  • S11E02 Guilt

    • April 12, 1977
    • BBC One

    It's not like Arthur Scarsdale to be violent. He's normally a peaceful little villain, but in the Newtown nick it takes three policemen to hold him down - and all Bowker did was offer him a cup of tea.

  • S11E03 Guilt

    • April 19, 1977
    • BBC One

    Quilley was at school with Chris Murray and knows he wouldn't hurt a soul. So when Chris half murders a man and pleads guilty Quilley wants to know why.

  • S11E04 Transit

    • April 26, 1977
    • BBC One

    Crime Squad from Cardiff want Inspector Moffat to lodge a prisoner overnight in the Newtown cells - and no-one must know about it. But someone has to know, even if it's only another policeman.

  • S11E05 Error Of Judgement

    • May 3, 1977
    • BBC One

    Lorry hi-jacks: too many, too well-planned and executed. Braithwaite goes 'under cover' as a lorry driver with a shady past. He's out in the cold - and vulnerable.

  • S11E06 Scavengers

    • May 10, 1977
    • BBC One

    Digging a deep hole in the sand by the light of the moon isn't the sort of behaviour you'd expect from a debt collector. Not even such a strange one as Clarrie Enwright.

  • S11E07 Fall Of Wiskers Castle

    • May 17, 1977
    • BBC One

    It's his first day as a sergeant and Alec Quilley's hung over. It's his first job as a sergeant, and it requires a bit of gentle persuasion. But how can you be gently persuasive to a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun?

  • S11E08 Rip Off

    • May 24, 1977
    • BBC One

    DC Bowker and Jack Crawford have met before. Their relationship is very simple: one way or another Bowker is going to nail Crawford, unless Crawford can nail Bowker first.

  • S11E09 Quarry