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  • S02E01 Three Years Later (aka No Good Deed)

    • January 31, 2000
    • The WB

    Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane have started college in New York City and are living on their own, Zoe waiting tables at a Chinese restaurant while attending Columbia. First up: Zoe is concerned that their friendship is in trouble as they start living separate lives.

  • S02E02 The Customer is Always Vic

    • February 7, 2000
    • The WB

    Zoe gets a shot at being a manager at the restaurant where she works, but first she has to handle a night with only half a staff. Her solution: recruit Duncan, Jack and Jane to help her out.

  • S02E03 I Don't Feel So Good

    • February 14, 2000
    • The WB

    Zoe helps sickly Jane complete a photography assignment; Duncan and Jack get an apartment in a building full of supermodels.

  • S02E04 Kiss of Death

    • April 2, 2000
    • The WB

    Zoe's date dumps her, then tells people that she is a terrible kisser.

  • S02E05 The Feud

    • April 9, 2000
    • The WB

    Obnoxious brothers move into Zoe's apartment building; Jack and Doug buy tickets from a scalper.

  • S02E06 A Midsummer Night's Nightmare

    • April 16, 2000
    • The WB

    Zoe tells Jane about a dream she had about Jack kissing her. She then kisses Jack but feels nothing. Jack then feels something and wants to kiss Zoe again. They kiss again and the both feel nothing.

  • S02E07 Crossing the Line

    • April 23, 2000
    • The WB

    When Zoe and the gang crash Jane's boss's wild costume party, complete with a live, tiger, Zoe's evil co-worker Penny uses the prank to get Jane fired, and it's up to Zoe to get her friend's job back.

  • S02E08 Desperately Seeking Zoe

    • April 30, 2000
    • The WB

    Duncan tosses Jack out of the apartment because of his messiness and his extremely annoying girlfriend, and Doug moves in. Meanwhile, Zoe finds adventure in the world of personal ads when her suede jacket attracts attention all over New York.

  • S02E09 Tall, Dark and Duncan's Boss

    • May 14, 2000
    • The WB

    Zoe creates an embarrassing situation when her fantasies about Duncan's boss become public knowledge.

  • S02E10 My Dinner with Andy

    • May 21, 2000
    • The WB

    Duncan's boss arranges a romantic getaway; Jack dates a lingerie model; Doug baby-sits a fish.

  • S02E11 Too Much Pressure

    • May 28, 2000
    • The WB

    When Zoe conducts a psychology experiment to study the effects of stress, she uses Jack and Jane as her subjects, but the siblings wind up skewing her results when they start to get along.

  • S02E12 Party Girls

    • June 4, 2000
    • The WB

    Things get tense in the apartment when Zoe and Jane decide to throw a party to impress a handsome man but can't quite agree on how it should be handled, so they end up at each other's throats. Doug, meanwhile, starts dating a girl to get his play produced.

  • S02E13 Three Years Later

    • June 11, 2000
    • The WB