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Episode images are small screenshots of each episode.

Here's The Breakdown of the system

  1. Images are limited to one per episode
  2. Images are limited to a maximum size of 400 x 300 (400x225 for 16:9 images)
  3. You can delete images you uploaded
  4. If an image by another user needs be replaced you will have to post a request in the forums for an admin to do so.
  5. Images should be uploaded in their original aspect ratio if the show is 16:9 then that should be the ratio of the image, even if your local network broadcast it in 4:3.
  6. Images should be an non-spoiler action shot from the episode not randomly generated so we just get a shot of a building or a street light.
  7. Images must be appropriate for viewing at a workplace. (i.e. NO NUDITY)
  8. Images shouldn't just be a title shot from the episode we already know the episode's name we don't need to see it again.

Adding Images

To add an episode image:

  1. Proceed to the episode page for which you have an image
  2. Locate your file by browse or entering the location directly
  3. Click Upload

Deleting Banners

You can delete banners that you have created. When you are logged in you will see the option to delete banners, underneath the ones you have created.

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