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DVD Cover style season images

  • Images must be 400 x 578
  • Try to make the season designation obvious enough to read without being gaudy
  • We very much understand that for some series decent images are very difficult to come by and so repetition of images may be necessary. But if this is necessary try to make each season a bit different like these so that it is a bit more obvious what season you are looking at.


Adding images

To add a DVD style cover:

  1. Proceed to the season page for which you have created a banner
  2. Locate your file by browse or entering the location directly
  3. Confirm the Banner Type is DVD cover (this is the default setting)
  4. Set the Banner Language to the language of the text on your banner
  5. Click Upload

Deleting Images

You can only delete images that you have created. When you are logged in you will see the option to delete banners, underneath the ones you have created.

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