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  • Images must be exactly 1920x1080 or 1280x720.
  • 1920x1080 images must be 800KB or less.
  • 1280x720 images must be 600KB or less.
  • Images should not be resized to get to the correct resolution. If they are too big they should be cropped, if they are too small they either shouldn't be used or should be used to make composites. Badly resized images will be deleted.
  • If you include a series name you must indicate that it is included using the drop downs provided. Fanarts with names included should be readable when viewing the thumbnail.
  • The language field does not matter unless you include the series name.
  • Do not include extra text on the images.
  • Do not include borders in the images, or take a poster and just add a solid background to it to make it into a fanart. Your image should take up the full image space.
  • Do not include any masks, they can be applied automaticly, don't assume you know where the menus will go. Diffrent skins and programs use the images in diffrent ways.
  • Don't upload a 720 image if a 1080 version of that image already exsists, programs can resize the larger version if they need a 720 version of it.
  • If a 720 version exists and you upload a 1080 version of the same image please delete the smaller version (or ask a mod to delete it in the forums).
  • Each fanart should be unique. Please don't upload the same fanart many times with minor differences such as slightly diffrent zoom, angles, posses, diffrent colour letters or a minor extra image pasted over top, etc...
  • Make sure you are uploading the image to the correct show. Some shows do have duplicate or similar names and mistakes do happen so double check before you upload.
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