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  • Banners must 758 x 140
  • Banners must be less than 100kB
  • Banners must be jpeg

Graphical Series Banners

  • Graphical Banners are defined as having a graphical/logo version of the series name


Text Series Banners

  • Text Banners generally use Arial Bold font, 27pt as the text


Blank Banners

  • The main requirement for blank banners is they should be blank on the left side of the banner as that is where the auto-generated text will be placed. Similar to


  • A Template can be downloaded from here - Contains centering lines for proper text placement

Adding Banners

To add a series banner:

  1. Proceed to the series page for which you have created a banner
  2. Locate your file by browse or entering the location directly
  3. Confirm the Banner Type is graphical, text or blank depending on the banner type you have created
  4. Set the Banner Language to the language of the text on your banner
  5. Click Upload

Deleting Banners

You can delete banners that you have created. When you are logged in you will see the option to delete banners, underneath the ones you have created.

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