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Special Episodes - Configuration

Special episodes are episode that air outside of a regular collection of episodes in a season. There are several things that can be categorized as specials.

  1. One-off episodes that aired prior or after the regular series run
  2. Season recap episodes. These tend to air at the beginning of a season or in the middle after an extended break and are intended to catch the viewer up on previous events
  3. Made-for-TV movies intended to extend the storyline of the series
  4. A special is NOT deleted scenes, bloopers, gag reels, etc. from the DVD release of shows.

There are two ways of categorizing a special
  • The primary way of defining a specials placement in the episode order is to use the Airs Before field. As the name implies it allows you to choose which regular series episode the special aired before. This is the method that should be used for nearly all specials.
  • The secondary way of defining a special is a limited-use method designed to deal with episodes that air after the end of a season. This method is employed by setting the Airs After Season field. You simply choose the season after which the episode airs. This is generally only intended for use with specials that occur after a series has ended its regular run. If this field is set, it will override the Airs Before field.

Making an episode a special
  • All special episodes should be added to the Specials/0 season. Do not add them to a regular season.
  • Number the episodes in the order added to the database. The episode number doesn't matter. Episode order only matters when two specials air without a regularly occurring episode between them.
  • Once an episode has been added to the Specials season, you will see two new drop down lists on the episode details page:
    • The Airs Before drop down contains a list of all regular episodes.
    • The Airs After Season drop down contains a list of all available seasons.

Output examples

Converting a regular episode

If a special episode has been incorrectly placed in a regular season, please post in the Series Discussion Forum and request it be moved to the Specials season. Please note which episode it aired after or if it aired after the end of a season.

Other Questions About Specials

Is an unaired pilot a special?

The answer is sometimes. See the conditions below for appropriate entry. If these conditions do not apply to your pilot and you still believe it should be entered, please post first in the Series Discussion forum and state your case for its addition.

  • If no pilot aired at all, then an unaired pilot can be entered as a special.
  • If a pilot did air:
    • and members of the main cast changed between the aired and unaired pilot, then it can be entered as a special.
    • and the story was significantly different between the aired and unaired pilot, then it can be entered as a special.
    • and just the length is different extended/cut for airing length, then the unaired pilot should not be entered as a special.
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