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This interface allows you to find the id of a series based on its name.



<mirrorpath>/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=<seriesname> <mirrorpath>/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=<seriesname>&language=<language>



This is the string you want to search for. If there is an exact match for the parameter, it will be the first result returned.


This is the abbreviation for the language you want to search in. If omitted, it will default to en (English). This may also be set to all, which will search ALL translations for <seriesname>.

Avaliable Languages


This is a users account Identifier. If given it will use the language their account is set to. The account ID can be found by going to http://thetvdb.com/?tab=userinfo

Returned Variables

Variables are only returned if their value isn't null so you may not always see the exact same variables returned in every search.

<seriesid> and <id>

Returns an unsigned integer. Both values are exactly the same and always returned. <seriesid> is preferred, <id> is only included to be backwards compatible with the old API and is deprecated.


Returns a two digit string indicating the language. Avaliable Languages


Returns a string with the series name for the language indicated


Returns a pipe "|" delimited list of alias names if the series has any other names in that language.


Returns the relative path to the highest rated banner for this series. Append <mirrorpath> to the start of it to get the absolute path.


Returns the overview for the series


Returns the first aired date for the series in the "YYYY-MM-DD" format.


Returns the IMDB id for the series if known.


Returns the zap2it ID if known.


Returns the Network name if known.

Example Results

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
  <Overview>Dean and Sam Winchester are two brothers with a special talent. Well-versed...</Overview>
  <SeriesName>Supernatural Science</SeriesName>
  <Overview>Even hardheaded skeptics have to concede that there’s something inherently...</Overview>
  <SeriesName>5th Dimension - Secrets of the Supernatural</SeriesName>
  <Overview>Does life end in death? Or does the soul wander from body to body? Are there...</Overview>
  <SeriesName>Supernatural the Animation</SeriesName>
  <Overview>Supernatural the Animation will not only remake the best episodes from the ...</Overview>
  <SeriesName>Supernatural The Unseen Powers of Animals</SeriesName>
  <Overview>When science fiction becomes science fact. This groundbreaking series unravels...</Overview>
  <SeriesName>The Supernatural (1977)</SeriesName>
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