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The Update Records contain all of the series, episode, and banner records that have been updated in a specific timeframe. They include the id of the series or episode that was updated or the pertinent banner information. There is also a time attribute on the root item that designates when the update file was created. This can be used to compared with the next update.

To reduce the load on the server, you should use the smallest one possible. For example, if you updated the client database a few hours ago, you should use the _day file instead of the _week, _month, or _all file. All Update Records are also provided in zip format. Please use these whenever possible to conserve bandwidth and client download time.

You'll notice that there are no episodes in the updates_all files. This is due to the size of the uncompressed file being over 500 MiB.


Note: All file sizes given are from a single sample day. They may vary considerably, but will probably remain within 50% of the size listed. All times are accurate to the second (day = 86400 seconds, week = 604800 seconds, etc).

All updates within the last 24 hours
Uncompressed 161k
All updates within the last 24 hours
Compressed 20k
All updates within the last 7 days (One Week)
Uncompressed 600k
All updates within the last 7 days
Compressed 64k
All updates within the last 30 days (One Month)
Uncompressed 1 MiB
All updates within the last 30 days
Compressed 117k
All updates (excludes episodes)
Uncompressed 22 MiB
All updates (excludes episodes)
Compressed 1.7 MiB


series or season


graphical, text, or blank for series banners standard or wide for season banners


The id of the series that the banner relates to.


The season number the banner relates to. Only appears for season banners.


The language abbreviation, since some banners are translated.

Avaliable Languages


Generate the actual banner URL with: <mirrorpath>/banners/<path>

Example Results

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<Data time="1203923101">
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