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The actors.xml file holds a list of all of the series actors.

Explanation of Fields


Useless field, will eventually be used to link actors between series but currently isn't in use and may actually change once it gets fully implemented so don't bother storing it at all.


Can be appended to <mirrorpath>/banners/ to determine the actual location of the artwork.


The actors real name.


The name of the actors character in the series.


An integer from 0-3. 1 being the most important actor on the show and 3 being the third most important actor. 0 means they have no special sort order. Duplicates of 1-3 aren't suppose to be allowed but currently are so the field isn't perfect but can still be used for basic sorting.

Example Results

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
  <Name>Matthew Fox</Name> 
  <Role>Jack Shephard</Role> 
  <Name>Terry O'Quinn</Name> 
  <Role>John Locke</Role> 
  <Name>Evangeline Lilly</Name> 
  <Role>Kate Austen</Role> 
  <Name>Naveen Andrews</Name> 
  <Role>Sayid Jarrah</Role> 
  <Name>Daniel Dae Kim</Name> 
  <Role>Jin Kwon</Role> 
  <Name>Yunjin Kim</Name> 
  <Role>Sun Kwon</Role> 
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