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All Image Guidelines

  • The banner language should be set on upload to the language of the text on the banner.
  • Banners must be jpeg not bitmap, gif or png.
  • Each creator is limited to 3 banners per series and 3 banners per season (wide and DVD style combined).
  • Please make each banner unique and not simply the same images with different fonts. If clearly similar images are uploaded, an admin may choose to delete the superfluous images.
  • Make sure your images are of good quality. DO NOT upload blurry, pixelated or generally poor quality images.
  • While some series do contain nudity, please refrain from using such images.
  • Do not take another artists' banners to alter them slightly then re-upload them. Some artists have spent a good deal of time on the images they upload and it is not acceptable to alter their work without permission.
  • Banners are uploaded using the form on the page to which the banner corresponds. For example, if you have a series banner for Bones, then you upload it on its series page. If you have an episode image for My Name Is Earl Season 2, Episode 5, then you upload the image on that page.

Please see the articles below for more detailed guidelines on the different image types we support

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