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Editing/Moving/Deleting Episodes

Under NO circumstances should you blank out episodes you feel need deleted. Users work hard to enter information into the database and deserve respect. If you feel an episode information needs edited, post in the forums first. This is the MAIN reason series get locked. Also, keep in mind that Admins/Mods have the ability to move, delete, renumber and edit episodes in batches. If 12 episodes of [SERIES] are currently in Season 2 and should actually be in Season 3, there is no need for you as a user to create the 12 episodes in Season 3. Simply post in the forum with sources and an Admin/Mod can move and renumber all 12 episodes in less than a minute.

Adding an Episode

Episodes are added by going to the page of the season which will contain the new episode. Once on the season page at the bottom of the episode list there is a two field form. Simply enter the new episodes number and name and click Add Episode

One Note: There is a provision on this site for special episodes (like movies or seasonal specials). Please check out the section on Special Episodes

Once an episode has been created you have three options

Editing an Episode

Episode editing is a rather straightforward affair as most of the field names are self explanatory although there are a few that need further explanation.

Episode Number
While one would think that the episode number would be a simple affair there are several different ways that someone might choose to number the episodes on this site episodes are numbered in the order they aired on TV in the Country and on the Channel of Original Production. That being said the site does provide two alternative numbering methods.

  1. Absolute Episode Order
  2. DVD Release Order

Episode Name & Overview
Both of these fields have the additional option of specifying their contents in languages other than English. Simply change the dropdown menu beneath either option to the language of your choice and you will be able to enter data in that language which can then be retrieved by the plugin of your choice.

Guest Stars, Director & Writer Fields
These fields have special requirements for multiple guest stars, directors or writers.

If there are multiple items for the fields e.g. if an episode has multiple writers then the field needs to begin with a pipe ( | ) character plus have one between each item and then end with another so the example writers would be entered as |David Weddle|Bradley Thompson|

Production Code
This is simply the studio production code often found in the closing credits of an episode.

DVD Disc ID & DVD Chapter
These fields are currently unused.

DVD Season, DVD Episode Number & Absolute Number
These fields are used for the alternate episode ordering methods see

Episode Arc Notation
Multiple episodes following the same story line (To be continued/cliff hanger episodes) should be noted at the end of an episode title. Mark them using a single number in parentheses to denote which part of the story line that episode is. For example, Stargate Universe season 2 episodes 10 and 11 should be named "Resurgence (1)" and "Deliverance (2)" respectively.

This rule does not apply to series where all episodes are a direct continuation of the last, such as 24.

Multiple Stories per Episode

This applies to cartoons only. When a cartoon has multiple story lines in a single episode the standard on this site is to enter each story as a separate episode. This is because it's quite common for networks to release them separately at some point. For those people wishing to still pull the information as single episodes with multiple story lines we ask that you fill in the DVD Order. The DVD Order can be used to combine multiple episodes into one episode so that you can choose to store your files either by story line or as complete episodes.

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