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Adding a Series

  1. First a foremost before adding a series read the thread SITE & FORUM RULES
    1. If and only if your new series is not excluded by the rules in that thread then carry on.
    2. If you create a duplicate series or one that is excluded by the rules it will be DELETED WITHOUT WARNING
  2. Before adding a new series please search carefully to make sure it does not exist.
    1. If a series has a simple name like Heroes or Jericho, the search will return it simply.
    2. If a series has a more complex name with odd punctuation like hyphens, colons or ampersands (&) try searching with just part of the name to ensure that there is not already an entry.
  3. When adding a series do not abbreviate the series name, even if the abbreviation has become common. For example, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit shouldn't be shortened to Law & Order: SVU.
    1. Additionally the name you enter should include all original punctuation and charcters. If a show's name is The Ye//ow [email protected] then that's how it gets entered regardless of whether or not those characters work for whatever file system you are using.
  4. When adding a series with the same name as an existing series:
    1. Append the year to the series name of the later series to differentiate them (e.g. Doctor Who and Doctor Who (2005)). The original series should remain without a year appended to its name.
    2. Remakes of existing series in other countries should have their country code appended in brackets instead of the year to differentiate them. Example Life on Mars and Life on Mars (US). Yet again, the original series shouldn't have anything in brackets.
    3. Series which are renamed while still airing should use the current series name as the main name and the previous series name remains as an Alias. Example Laguna Beach became Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County.
    4. In the event you run across a series that can't conform to these naming rules, such as two series in the same country with the same name in the same year, then please come to the forums and ask for help from a Mod.
  5. Once you have determined that the series doesn't exist, adding a new series couldn't be simpler. Just go to the main page of site at Ensure that you are logged in. Scroll to the bottom and enter the series name in the Add a Show section, then click Add Series.

Some simple guidelines before entering Season and Episode information:

  1. Check the Acceptable Sources thread to ensure you are entering valid information.
  2. Episodes should be ordered/split in accordance with their country of origin. A good example would be FullMetal Alchemist. In America, this series was split into two seasons, while in Japan it was aired as one; it therefore is listed as one season on the site.

Once a series has been created you have three options:

Editing a Series

The First Rule of Series Editing is Don't Change The Name Of A Series
If you truly believe that a name is wrong:

  1. Confirm that you are not looking at a show with a similar name. Because we catalog series from all over the world, shows with similar or identical names can and do occur.
  2. Create a post in the forum asking if others agree with your conclusion. If there is a consensus that the name is incorrect, then request an admin change it.

If you believe the series has incorrect information (e.g. episode names, order, etc.):

  1. Research the information. Use the information in the sources update thread as a starting point.
  2. Post on the forum citing your source with links and as much information as possible.
  3. If your information proves true, you'll get the go-ahead to change.

Series editing is a rather straightforward affair as most of the field names are self-explanatory, although there are a few that need further explanation.

Series Name and Overview
Both of these fields have the additional option of specifying their contents in languages other than English. Simply change the dropdown menu beneath either option to the language of your choice and you will be able to enter data in that language, which can then be retrieved by the plugin of your choice. ID

  1. This field is used to link to the entry on the website.
  2. This is not the id from the TheTVDB database but rather the series ID from the website (found in the URL; for example for the series The Unit, the URL is and therefore the ID is 33480)
  3. Do not just invent an ID for this field if the show doesn't exist on


  • Continuing - For a series currently in production. This is generally the status that should be set during the initial run of a season.
  • Ended - For a series that has finished its run and is not producing any new episodes.

Genre & Actors Fields
These two fields have special requirements for multiple genres or primary actors.

If there are multiple items for either field (e.g. if a show is both and Action/Adventure type program as well as a Drama) then the field needs to begin with a pipe ( | ) character plus have one pipe between each item and then end with another, so the example show would be entered as |Action/Adventure|Drama| and the actors field would be populated similarly, e.g. |Richard Dean Anderson|Don S. Davis|.


  • This field should represent the TV network that aired the series first in its original language.
  • If a show changes networks during its original episode run, then the last network to air new, original episodes should be listed. (Stargate SG-1, for example, started on Showtime and then moved to Syfy, so it is appropriately listed as Syfy.)
  • The network should not represent a channel that has exclusive re-broadcast rights.
  • If a show was syndicated from the beginning, then the network field should represent the studio/network that produced the series.

Runtime This field represents the average original airing length without commercials.

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