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As everyone knows series can air on tv in an order completely different than the one intended by the series creator. Firefly being the most often discussed example on this site. Therefore we have provided a method for entering this "Correct" order.

Purpose & intention of DVD Ordering

  • The standard for this site is that the primary season & episode numbers are representative of the shows original tv airing order. To provide an alternative for those who wish to watch their programs in the show creators intended order two additional fields of DVD Season and DVD Episode Number are available.
  • DVD ordering is generally intended to correct minor (although sometimes not so minor) changes in episode ordering from the way shows aired on tv to the way they were released on DVD.
  • Sometimes there are multiple DVD releases for a show. Proper DVD order should be determined by the following factors in this order:
  1. "Studio Releases" which contain re-cut and re-numbered episodes should not be the basis for DVD ordering as they are not representative of the TV version the show and this site is at it's core about TV shows.
  2. If there are multiple releases of a show and one is considered by the shows' creator to be a correct for viewing order release then that is the order that should be used.
  3. If a release is out of print or not readily available but another release is more available then the most readily available version should be considered correct
  • DVD ordering is not intended in any way to handle "Best Of" sets as these are not representative of any normal way of watching a TV program
  • Some series are released in volumes rather than season sets. Sometimes volumes span a single season over many releases or combine multiple seasons into a single volume. The order of episodes on these DVDs can be considered a correct order but the episodes should still be broken down into regular seasons and not separated into volumes as those who record the programs from TV may still want their episodes in the correct watching order.

Special Exemptions

  • DVD ordering can also be used when a show is produced by multiple countries and are aired in different orders in those production countries.

Entry Methodology

Normally just the standard season/episode #'s are entered to correct for whatever the DVD order is. There is an exception if an episode aired as two episodes then on the DVD is a single episode. In these cases there are usually two entries for the episode in the season list. To recombine them into a single episode number you would enter for example the first half as episode number 2.1 and the second half as 2.2 The Battlestar Galactica (2003) episode Daybreak is an example of this. Part 1 & Part 2 are entered as episodes 19.1 and 19.2.

There is an additional use here, which is why there is a DVD Season field and not just an episode field as some series were meant to be aired as only one or two seasons but were split by the broadcaster into 3 or 4 Batman: The Animated Series is a good example. Originally it was only meant to be 2 seasons but it has been broken down by the original broadcaster as 4. So by changing the DVD Season field an episode can be moved to a different season while maintaining the primary airing season and episode order. An example of this type of re-ordering can be seen in the Standard Episode Ordering and Corrected DVD Ordering


Both DVD Season and DVD Episode # must be entered in order for the Site to return correct information. Entering just the Episode Number will result in bad data being returned when the DVD order is requested from the site.

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