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This site has the ability for some Series and Episode information to be entered in languages other than English.


On the series page the fields Series Name & Overview have multi-language capability. See Editing A Series for more detail.


On the episode page the field Episode Name & Overview have multi-language capability. See Editing an Episode for more detail.

Available Languages:

Here is a list of all 23 avaliable languages on our site. We do have plans to support more languages in the future but unfortunately due to technical issues we will not be adding anymore languages until we have finished the new version of the site.

Language Language ID (lid) Abbreviation
English 7 en
Svenska 8 sv
Norsk 9 no
Dansk 10 da
Suomeksi 11 fi
Nederlands 13 nl
Deutsch 14 de
Italiano 15 it
Español 16 es
Français 17 fr
Polski 18 pl
Magyar 19 hu
Greek 20 el
Turkish 21 tr
Russian 22 ru
Hebrew 24 he
Japanese 25 ja
Portuguese 26 pt
Chinese 27 zh
Czech 28 cs
Slovenian 30 sl
Croatian 31 hr
Korean 32 ko
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