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This is a placeholder for the new interfaces.


General Information

Any company or project must abide by the rules on our API registration form.

Please avoid making more API calls than are necessary to retrieve the information you need. Each series has a zipped XML file that contains all of the series and episode data for that series. If your program has the technical capability of handling these files, please make an attempt to use them since they'll be mirrored by more servers and will reduce bandwidth for both the server and clients.

For XML data, additional fields may be added at any time. Your application should be programmed in such a way that it can ignore any fields it doesn't need.

Dynamic Interfaces

This will be the locations of the PHP interfaces with parameter list and usage instructions.




API:User_PreferredBanners (not functional yet)



File Structure

This will be the format of the static interface structure and usage instructions. Note: If no <language>.xml is specified for a directory, en.xml will be returned.

|---- mirrors.xml
|---- languages.xml
|---- series/
|     |---- <seriesid>/
|           |---- <language>.xml  (Base Series Record)
|           |---- banners.xml  (All banners related to this series)
|           |
|           |---- all/
|           |     |---- <language>.xml  (Full Series Record)
|           |     |---- <language>.zip  (Zipped version of Full Series Record and banners.xml)
|           |
|           |---- default/  (sorts using the default ordering method)
|           |     |---- <season#>/<episode#>/
|           |           |---- <language>.xml  (Base Episode Record)
|           |
|           |---- dvd/  (sorts using the dvd ordering method)
|           |     |---- <season#>/<episode#>/
|           |           |---- <language>.xml  (Base Episode Record)
|           |
|           |---- absolute/  (sorts using the absolute ordering method)
|                 |---- <absolute#>/
|                   |---- <language>.xml  (Base Episode Record)
|---- episodes
      |---- <episodeid>/  (will return en.xml by default)
            |---- <language>.xml  (Base Episode Record)

Example Usage

Sample links and descriptions for each of the interfaces and static file types. Give example queries for a fake plugin from start to finish.

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