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This site has the ability to lock records at the episode, season & series level. Just as it sounds this is an administrative option which locks a record so that no further changes can be made. This locking is a top down format so if a series is locked all it's seasons and episodes are locked as well.

How to tell if a record is locked
If a record is locked a message similar to "This episode is locked at the series level and cannot be changed". The messages always tell you what level a lock occurs at so if an unlock needs to be requested you can advise the administrators at which level to unlock from.
Lock messages for series appear at the bottom of the details on the series info page. Lock messages for seasons & episodes appear at the top of the details section.

Why would a record be locked?

Series Level Locking

  • A series is generally only locked when it has completed it's entire run.
  • Locking occurs for two reasons
    • The show has a history of contention in how episodes should be ordered. While this was more of an issue before alternate episode orders were implemented this type of lock is still used to prevent the casual user from changing such a series.
    • or another information provider has erroneous episodes or special which we do not want to be re-imported.

Season Level Locking

  • A season is usually locked once a season has completed and there is disagreement on how that season should be ordered.

Episode Level Locking

  • Episodes are usually locked while a season is still airing and we do not want special episodes to throw off episode numbering. Once a season has finished airing and all the episode numbers are confirmed we would then switch to Season level locking

How do I request a lock or unlock?

  1. First search the forum to confirm that there is not an ongoing discussion about the series, season or episode that you want to change - often locks are well discussed before they occur
  2. If you find nothing make a new post in the Series Change Requests Forum indicating the Series in question. Please provide a detailed reasoning for the request including sourced proof and an admin or mod will look at the request.
    1. A series that is locked will almost never be unlocked for regular user entry. If your request is approved you will be required to provide detailed information on the necessary changes so that a mod can make the changes.
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