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The Legend of Zu

He was the chosen one. Lu Pao is a dangerous swordsman who is out to get his hands on the powerful Red Ghost Stone. The Sushan School, China’s most famous and influential martial arts school, is the guardian of the stone and protector of the world. The school’s headmaster puts the precious Red Ghost Stone into the body of the talented young swordsman Ding Yin in order to keep it from falling into Lu Pao’s hands. Ding Yin enters the Sushan School to train to become the best swordsman in the world and vows to keep the world safe from the evil doings of Lu Pao. But then Ding Yin meets Lu Pao’s daughter, Yu Wu Xing, who looks just like his dead wife. When Ding Yin falls in love with Wu Xing, will he be able to carry out his mission?

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First Aired: September 22, 2015
Air Day:
Air Time:
Runtime: 45 minutes
Network: iQiyi
Genre: Drama


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William Chan

as Ding Yin
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Zhao Li Ying

as Yu Wu Xin
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Nicky Wu

as Shangguan Jing Wo
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