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The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

Welcome to The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers guide at TV Tome. Produced and created by Robert Mandell, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers has a fantastic concept. In 2086, two peaceful aliens journey to Earth seeking help. In return for Earth's assistance, the aliens share the plans for the planet's first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. With this new technology in hand, a team of unique individuals are assembled to protect Earth and its allies. These courageous pioneers - committed to the highest ideals of justice - set out to preserve law and order across the new frontier. The show began airing in September 1986 as a series of sixty-five 30-minute cartoons, running five days a week. Since then, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers has reached cult status, sparking a loyal following. This visionary series combines elements of Westerns, space opera and

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First Aired: September 1, 1986
Air Day:
Air Time:
Runtime: 30 minutes
Network: Syndicated
Genre: Animation


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