Pawn Stars

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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1A Christmas Special2009-12-21
2Back to the Beginning: Boom or Bust2014-10-23 
3Back to the Beginning: Confederate Conundrum2014-10-23 
4The Adventures of Corey & Chum2014-11-10 
5Greatest Haggles2014-12-01
6Game Over: Enhanced Version2014-12-18
7Mini Rick: Enhanced Version2014-12-18
8Priciest Pawns2015-04-23
9Fake or Fortune2015-05-21
10Dangerous Deals2015-05-28
11Expert Examinations2015-06-04
12Biggest Buys and Busts2014-11-03
13Most Mysterious2015-06-11
14Coolest Collectibles2015-06-11
15Greatest Gambles2015-07-20
16Wheelin' and Dealin'2015-07-27
17Pawn Stars Personal Collection2015-08-03
18Pawn Stars On the Road2015-08-10
1960's Pawn2015-11-19 
20Money Makers2015-11-22 
2170's Pawn2015-11-29 
2280's Pawn2015-12-03 
2390's Pawn2015-12-06 
24Wicked Weapons2015-12-17 
25The Star Wars Vault 2015-12-10 
26Make or Break: Star Wars Poster2016-01-01 
27Most Evel2016-01-02 
28Make or Break: Star Wars Props2016-02-19 
29Blockbuster Buys2016-03-30
30Gangsters, Guns, & Guitars2016-04-06
31Deals on Wheels2016-04-20
32One in a Million2016-04-27
33Trash or Treasure2016-06-29
34Rocking Restorations2016-07-06
35Famous Finds2016-07-13
36Hollywood Goods2016-07-20
37Civil War Treasures2016-08-17
38Great Negotiations2016-09-07

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