Pawn Stars

Season 2010                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

This season is locked at the season level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by Havrest
Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
2Chum Goes AWOL2010-01-21
3Shocking Chum2010-01-25
4Pezzed Off2010-01-25
5Tattoos and Tantrums2010-02-01
6Guns and Rangers2010-02-01
7Pinball Wizards2010-02-08
8Chopper Gamble2010-02-08
9Spooning Paul Revere2010-02-15
10Off the Wagon2010-02-15
11Fortune in Flames2010-03-01
12Backroom Brawl2010-03-01
13Big Guns2010-03-08
14Flight of the Chum2010-03-08
15Bumpy Ride2010-03-29
16Helmet Head2010-04-05
17Bow Legged2010-04-12
18Hell Week2010-04-19
20The British Are Coming2010-04-25
21License to Pawn2010-05-02
22Trail Breaker2010-06-07
23Top Secret2010-06-07
24Whale of a Time2010-06-14
25Gold Diggers2010-06-14
26Aw Shucks!2010-06-21
27Deals From Hell2010-06-21
28Chumlee's Dummies2010-06-28
29Strike, Spare, BOOM2010-06-28
30Message in a Bottle2010-07-05
31Rough Riders2010-07-05
32Phoning It In2010-07-12
33Moon Walking2010-07-12
34Peeping Pawn2010-08-16
35Ace in the Hole2010-08-16
36Double Trouble2010-09-06
37Getting A Head2010-09-06
38Cornering the Colonel2010-09-13
39Ready, Set, Pawn2010-09-13
40The Eagle Has Landed2010-09-20
41Like a Rolling Chum2010-09-20
42Hello Nurse2010-10-18
43Chumdog Millionaire2010-10-18
44Gone with the Schwinn2010-10-25
45Bare Bones2010-10-25
46Never Surrender2010-11-01
47Honest Abe2010-11-01
48Monkey Business2010-12-06
49Packing Heat2010-12-13

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