Pawn Stars

Season 2011                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

This season is locked at the season level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by Havrest
Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Luck of the Draw2011-01-20
2Houdini's Handcuffs2011-01-20
3Pedal to the Medal2011-01-24
4Case Closed2011-01-24
5Darth Pawn2011-01-31
6Put Up Your Dukes2011-01-31
7Pawn Illustrated2011-02-07
8Striking a Chord2011-02-07
9Harrison for President2011-02-14
10Wise Guys2011-02-14
12Ah Shoot2011-03-21
13Going Postal2011-03-28
15Evel Genius2011-04-04
16Pablo Pawncasso2011-04-04
17Sub for Sale2011-04-11
18Missile Attack2011-04-11
19Not On My Watch2011-04-18
20Take a Seat2011-04-18
21Pom Pom Pawn2011-04-25
22Patton Pending2011-04-25
23Spidey Cents2011-05-02
24Necessary Roughness2011-05-02
26The Great Escape2011-05-09
27Broadsiding Lincoln2011-05-30
28Sharpe Shooters2011-06-01
29Late Night Chum2011-06-06
30Buy The Book2011-06-06
31Over The Top2011-06-13
32Honor Thy Father2011-06-13
33The Pick, The Pawn, & The Polish2011-07-11
34Making Cents2011-07-18
35Kings and McQueens2011-07-18
36Face the Music2011-07-25
37Off the Wall2011-07-25
38Buffalo Bull2011-08-01
39Cannons and Klingons2011-08-01
40Silent and Deadly2011-08-08
41Weird Science2011-08-08
42The Wright Stuff2011-08-15
43Out of Gas2011-08-15
44Pipe Dreams2011-09-05
45The King's Bling2011-09-05
46High Stakes2011-09-12
47Pirate's Booty2011-09-12
48Teacher's Pet2011-09-19
49Bugs Money2011-09-19
51Poker Night2011-09-26
52Rick or Treat2011-10-24
53Patriot Games2011-11-28
54Mile High Club2011-11-28
55Looney Dunes2011-12-05
56Blaze of Glory2011-12-05
57Silence of the Lambo2011-12-12
58Buyer Beware2011-12-12
59Pony Up2011-12-19
61High Tops2011-12-26
62Apocalypse Wow2011-12-26

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