Pawn Stars

Season 2012                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

This season is locked at the season level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by Knightmare
Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Corey's Big Play2012-01-02
2Help Wanted2012-01-02
3Learning the Ropes2012-01-09
4Smells Like Pawn Spirit2012-01-09
5Crosby, Stills and Cash2012-01-16
6Cash Cash Bang Bang2012-01-16
7Over the Moon2012-01-23
8Les is More2012-01-23
9Hole in One2012-01-30
10Yankee Panky2012-01-30
11Air Mail2012-02-06
12Cash is King2012-02-06
13Bear-ly There2012-02-13
14Huddle Up2012-02-13
16Guns Blazing2012-02-20
17James Gang Rides Again2012-02-27
18Ring around a Rockne2012-02-27
19Pawn with the Wind2012-03-05
21Guilty as Charged2012-04-09
22Corey's Big Burn2012-04-09
23Wild Thing2012-04-16
24To the Moon2012-04-16
25Chum-p Change2012-04-23
26Trigger Happy2012-04-23
27Bossy Pants2012-05-21
28What The Truck2012-05-21
29Three Hour Tour2012-05-28
30Family Feud2012-05-28
31Silver Linings2012-06-04
32Like a Rock2012-06-11
33Dirty Sox2012-06-11
34That Sinking Feeling2012-06-18
35Pin It to Win It2012-06-18
36Love Me Spender2012-06-25
37Stalled Deals2012-06-25
38Hot and Colt2012-07-02
39Stuff It2012-07-02
40Jet Setters2012-07-09
41Kick the Can2012-07-09
42Bullitt Proof2012-08-13
43Cool as Ike2012-08-20
44Free Willie2012-08-20
45Say It Ain't So2012-08-27
46Some Like It Not2012-08-27
47Fork it Over2012-09-03
48Thirty Something2012-09-03
49What You Talkin' 'Bout Sturgis?2012-11-05
50Sturgis and Acquisitions2012-11-05
51Three Pawn Night2012-11-12
52Stick To Your Guns2012-11-12
53Lord of the Ring2012-11-13
54Man. Make. Fire.2012-11-13
55On Guard2012-11-19
56The Last Samurai2012-11-19
57The Offer2012-11-26
58Sweet Pawn of Mine2012-11-26
59Putt, Putt, Pawn2012-12-03
60Wouldn't It Be Ice?2012-12-03
61Silent but Chumlee2012-12-10
62Take the Money and Run2012-12-10
63It's a Wonderful Pawn2012-12-17
64Santa Chum2012-12-17

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