Pawn Stars

Season 2013                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

This season is locked at the season level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by Knightmare
Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Little Pawn Shop of Horrors2013-01-14
2I Herd That2013-01-14
3Spare the Rodman2013-01-21
4Funny Money2013-01-21
5Hair Force One2013-01-28
6Million Dali Baby2013-01-28
7Comic Con2013-02-04
8Off the Hook2013-02-04
9Room and Hoard2013-02-11
10Just Shoe It2013-02-11
11Lunch Larceny2013-02-18
12Grand Theft Corey2013-02-18
13Beam Me Up2013-02-25
14Shekel and Hyde2013-02-25
15Book 'Em Rick2013-03-04
16Corey, I Am Your Father2013-03-04
17Close, But No Cigar2013-03-11
18Hello, Goodbye2013-03-11
20Grumpy Old Man2013-05-30
21One Way Ticket2013-06-06
23Ready to Rumble2013-06-13
24Dog Day Afternoon2013-06-13
25King of Pain2013-06-20
26Free Agent2013-06-20
27Sticks and Stones2013-06-27
28The Pawntridge Family2013-06-27
29A Hard Day's Pawn2013-07-11
30Fool's Gold2013-07-11
31World Series of Pawn2013-07-18
32Rage Against that Machine2013-07-18
33Colt To the Touch2013-08-01
35The Chum-Sake2013-08-08
36Corey's Big Splurge2013-08-08
37Secret Agent Man2013-08-15
38London Pawning2013-08-15
39On a Mission to Pawn2013-08-22
40Goldfish and Silver2013-08-22
41What Happens in Vegas2013-08-29
42You're Out2013-08-29
43Everyday I'm Shufflin'2013-10-10
44The Bald and the Beautiful2013-10-10
45Say It, Don't Spray It2013-10-17
46The Enigma2013-10-17
47Comfortably Chum2013-10-24
48No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service2013-10-24
49Brush with Greatness2013-10-31
50Chum of All Fears2013-10-31
51The Merchant of Vegas2013-11-07
52Winchester, Lose or Draw2013-11-07
53The Bachelor2013-11-14
54Cold Hard Cash2013-11-14
55Rebel, Rebel2013-11-21
56Open and Shut Case2013-11-21
57Bad to the Bone2013-12-05
58Gnarly Harley2013-12-05
59Woah Pilgrim2013-12-12
60The Amazing Chumlee2013-12-12
61A Very Vegas Christmas2013-12-19
62Another Christmas Story2013-12-19
63Lost in Spacelander2013-12-26
64Put Your Hands Up2013-12-26

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