Pawn Stars

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This season is locked at the season level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by Knightmare
Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Finding Fonzie2014-01-02
2You Say You Wanna Revolution2014-01-02
3Truly Trivial2014-01-09
5I'll Be Doggone2014-01-16
6Can't Buy Me Love2014-01-16
7Anytime, Any Mace2014-01-23
8Silent Stars and Rebel Cars2014-01-23
9Smurf and Turf2014-01-30
10Sunday Funday2014-01-30
11Rescue 9-1-Chum2014-02-06
12Extreme Pawnover2014-02-06
13Rough and Tumble2014-02-13
14The Great Pawnbino2014-02-13
15Rock Bottom2014-02-20
16Chords, Swords and Rewards2014-02-20
17Magic Bus2014-02-27
18Purple Haze2014-02-27
19Field Trip2014-03-06
20McKinley Family Jewels2014-03-06
21You Snooze, You Lose2014-03-13
22Bang Bang2014-03-13
24Head Games2014-03-20
25Choo Choo Chum 2014-03-27
26Brew Master2014-03-27
27April Fooled2014-04-03
28Tee'd Off2014-04-03
29Chum's Revenge2014-04-10
30Traffic Jammed2014-04-10
31Sleeping Giant2014-04-17
32Saddle Up2014-04-17
33Road Test 2014-04-24
34Ponies and Phonies2014-04-24
35Tag Team2014-05-01
36Fiesta Loco2014-05-01
37Spruce Goose2014-05-08
38All In2014-05-08
39Tickets to Ride2014-05-15
40New Old Man2014-05-15
41Everybody Do The Dinosaur2014-05-22
42Breaking the Bank2014-05-22
43Reeling and Dealing2014-05-29
44Pawn U2014-05-29
45Daddy's Girl2014-06-05
46Dam Good Time2014-06-05
47Chumlee's Last Laugh2014-06-12
48Who's Your Dali?2014-06-12
49In the Doghouse2014-06-19
50Spacing Out2014-06-19
51Get in the Ring2014-06-26
52Rick, Rock, and Roll2014-06-26
53Press One for Chum2014-07-10
54Fireworks and Freedom2014-07-10
56Put Up Your Nukes2014-07-17
57Pawn Apocalypse2014-07-24
58Colts and Vikings2014-07-24
59Mr. Cool2014-07-31
60Playboys and Players2014-07-31
61Go for Chum2014-08-07
62Shufflin' and Hustlin'2014-08-07
63Bo Knows2014-08-14
64Break Room Battle2014-08-14
65Break on Through2014-09-01
66Tricky Ricky2014-09-01
67Pinball Punch2014-09-18
68Dodging Dillinger2014-09-18
69Rock Stars and Race Cars2014-09-25
70Pawn Fiction2014-09-25
71Birthday Blues2014-10-02
72Tough Cookie2014-10-02
73Van Gogh a Go Go2014-10-09
74The Book of Rick2014-10-09
75Smarty Pants2014-10-16
SpecialBack to the Beginning: Boom or Bust2014-10-23 
SpecialBack to the Beginning: Confederate Conundrum2014-10-23 
77Secret Admirer2014-10-23
78Hidden Treasure2014-10-23
79Rick's a Riot2014-10-30
80Chum Fever2014-10-30
SpecialBiggest Buys and Busts2014-11-03
81Wake Up Call2014-11-06
82The Chum System2014-11-06
SpecialThe Adventures of Corey & Chum2014-11-10 
83Captain Rick2014-11-13
84McQueen Dreams2014-11-13
85Reach for Raphael2014-11-20
86Off to the Races2014-11-20
SpecialGreatest Haggles2014-12-01
87Game Over2014-12-04
88Flying High2014-12-04
89Chum's Secret Stash2014-12-11
90Mini Rick2014-12-11
91Hiding Houdini2014-12-15
92United We Stand2014-12-15
SpecialGame Over: Enhanced Version2014-12-18
SpecialMini Rick: Enhanced Version2014-12-18
93Clowning Around2014-12-18
94Oldest Trick in the Book2014-12-18
95Generation Gap2014-12-22
96Motorcycle Mayhem2014-12-22

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