Pawn Stars

Season 2015                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

This season is locked at the season level and cannot be changed.
It was locked by Knightmare
Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Old Man Corey2015-01-08
2Trading Up2015-01-08
4Wilde Card2015-01-15
5Money Ball2015-01-22
6Presidential Pawn2015-01-22
7The Smoking Gun2015-01-25
8Rick Gets Axed2015-02-12
9Rick the Giant2015-02-12
10Underground Pawn2015-02-19
11Bucking Bronco2015-02-19
12Rocky Road2015-02-26
13All Hail Rick2015-02-26
14Live Long and Prosper2015-03-05
15Sword Play2015-03-05
16One Man's Junk2015-03-12
17 Last Call Pawn2015-03-12
18Hot Dam2015-03-19
19Son of a Gun2015-03-19
20Crossing Chum2015-03-26
21Mystery Caller2015-03-26
22Hot Wheel of Fortune2015-04-02
23Mail Mayhem2015-04-09
SpecialPriciest Pawns2015-04-23
24Monumental Pawn2015-04-23
25Avengers Assemble2015-05-07
26Locked and Loaded2015-05-07
27Rick's Roulette2015-05-14
SpecialFake or Fortune2015-05-21
28Pawn Creature2015-05-21
29Behind the Wheel2015-05-25
30Ticket to Pawn2015-05-25
SpecialDangerous Deals2015-05-28
31Penny for Your Pawn2015-05-28
SpecialExpert Examinations2015-06-04
32Pawn of the Jedi2015-06-04
SpecialMost Mysterious2015-06-11
SpecialCoolest Collectibles2015-06-11
SpecialGreatest Gambles2015-07-20
SpecialWheelin' and Dealin'2015-07-27
SpecialPawn Stars Personal Collection2015-08-03
SpecialPawn Stars On the Road2015-08-10
33Pawn of Fire2015-10-22 
34Party on, Pawn2015-10-22 
35Fender Bender2015-10-29 
36Godfather of Pawn2015-10-29 
37Napoleon Bonapawn 2015-11-05 
38Eye of the Tiger 2015-11-05 
39Promissory Pawn2015-11-12 
40Riders on the Pawn2015-11-12 
Special60's Pawn2015-11-19 
41Prohibition Pawn2015-11-19 
SpecialMoney Makers2015-11-22 
Special70's Pawn2015-11-29 
Special80's Pawn2015-12-03 
42Pawn in the USA2015-12-03 
Special90's Pawn2015-12-06 
SpecialThe Star Wars Vault 2015-12-10 
43Capture the Pawn2015-12-10 
SpecialWicked Weapons2015-12-17 
44The Pawn Before Christmas2015-12-17 

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