The Flash (2014)

Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
2Fastest Man Alive2014-10-14
3Things You Can't Outrun2014-10-21
4Going Rogue2014-10-28
6The Flash Is Born2014-11-18
7Power Outage2014-11-25
8Flash vs. Arrow (1)2014-12-02
9The Man in the Yellow Suit2014-12-09
10Revenge of the Rogues2015-01-20
11The Sound and the Fury2015-01-27
12Crazy for You2015-02-03
13The Nuclear Man2015-02-10
15Out of Time2015-03-17
16Rogue Time2015-03-24
18All-Star Team-Up2015-04-14
19Who Is Harrison Wells?2015-04-21
20The Trap2015-04-28
21Grodd Lives2015-05-05
22Rogue Air2015-05-12
23Fast Enough2015-05-19

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