Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero

Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

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Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1North Pole Down2014-12-05
2Chicken or Fish?2015-02-13
3The Old Old West2015-02-13
5That Purple Girl2015-02-14
6I'm Super!2015-02-15
7The Fast and the Floor Rugs2015-02-15
9Chuckle City2015-02-16
10Flurgle Burgle2015-02-23
11Temple of the Porcelain God2015-02-23
12Defending the Earth2015-03-16
13Number One, Number Two2015-03-16
143 Big Problems2015-03-23
15Cereal Criminals2015-03-23
16I'm Still Super2015-04-06
18The Princess Most Fair2015-04-27
19Hail Larry2015-04-27
20It's a Colorful Life2015-06-01
21Larry Manor2015-06-01
22Lady Starblaster2015-06-08
24Totally Into Your Body2015-06-22
25Fish and Chips2015-06-22
26The Ripple Effect2015-07-06
27Where Dragons Dare2015-07-20
29Chuckle City 5002015-08-10
30Rock and Roll2015-08-10
31Plantywood: City of Flora2015-08-17
32Boone's Apprentice2015-08-17
33The QPC2015-09-28 
34Shirley B. Awesome2015-09-28 
35Massive Morphy Merge Mechs2015-09-29 
37Zap One2015-09-30 
38Save the Worlds2015-10-01 

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