Blazing Team: Masters of Yo Kwon Do

Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1The First Yo2015-11-13 
2The Second Yo2015-11-13 
3Balancing Act2015-11-20 
4Double Trouble2015-11-27 
5The Greatest Yo on Earth2015-12-04 
6Such a Lonely World2015-12-11 
7Not So Great Scott!2015-12-18 
8The Tiger by the Tail2015-12-25 
9Blind Spot2016-01-17 
10When Fanboys Attack2016-01-24 
11Lonely at the Top2016-01-31 
12Strong Like Wilson2016-02-07 
13A Rock and a Shard Place2016-02-14 
14Muscle Beach2016-02-21 
15This Eagle Has Landed2016-02-28 
16Yo-Rassic Park2016-03-06 
17Yo-Tomatic for the People2016-03-13 
18Into the Light2016-03-20 
19The Longest Shard2016-03-27 
20A Spy for a Spy2016-04-03 
21Return of the Corn Dog2016-04-10 
22Jumping Jack Shard2016-04-17 
23Blaze-y Like a Fox2016-04-24 
24Race to the Finish2016-05-01 
25The End, So Far...2016-05-08 
26Enter the Black Dragon2016-05-15 

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