Counterfeit Cat

Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Bin Juice2016-05-12
2Where Do All the Cat Toys Go?2016-05-12
3Max V Machine2016-05-19
4Heart of Garkness2016-05-19 
5Go Viral2016-05-26 
7Betty Laser Eyes2016-06-02 
8Furst Born2016-06-09 
11Hang in There2016-06-16 
12Wart Attack2016-06-23 
13Scarlet Mark2016-06-28 
14The Last Yogi Standing2016-06-28 
15No Pranks Thanks2016-06-29 
16The Vet2016-06-29 
17Flea Bag2016-06-30 
19Staring Dog2016-07-01 
2028 Seconds Later2016-07-01 
21Nightmare on Cat Mountain2016-10-31 
22Jackson 52016-10-31 
23Merry Christmax2016-12-11 
24Low Resolutions2016-12-11 
25Kitty Latte2017-01-04 
26The Big One2017-01-04 
27Fat Cat2017-01-05 
28Bathtub of Terror2017-01-05 
299 Lives2017-01-06 
30Breaking Bread2017-01-06 
31Fun in the Sun2017-01-09 
32Sardonians of the Galaxy2017-01-09 
33Cat Box of Fear2017-01-10 
34Max Me No Questions2017-01-10 
35Happy Earthday2017-01-11 
36Zaxos Returns2017-01-11 
37Virtual Insanity2017-01-12 
39The Cat Crib2017-01-13 
40Lost in Throckmorton2017-01-13 
42Room of Panic2017-01-17 
43Mere Mortals2017-01-18 
44The Garkest Timeline2017-01-18 
45The Gark Knight Rises2017-01-19 
46Any Takers2017-01-19 
47I, Maxine2017-01-20 
48Gark's Got Talent2017-01-20 
49Mirror Mirror2017-01-23 
51Gone Gark (1)2017-01-30 
52Gone Gark (2)2017-01-30 

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