Puppy Dog Pals

Season 1                                                                                      Rules for Episodes

Episode Number Episode Name Originally Aired Image
1Hawaii Pug-Oh2017-04-14 
3The French Toast Connection2017-04-14 
4Take Me Out to the Pug Game2017-04-14 
5The Go-Long Retriever2017-04-21 
6Pot O' Pugs2017-04-21 
7A Pyramid Scheme2017-04-21 
8Special Delivery2017-04-21 
10Ice, Ice Puggy2017-04-28 
11Free Whaley2017-05-05 
12Putting It Together2017-05-05 
13Hissy's Big Day2017-05-12 
14Go, Dog. Go!2017-05-12 
15Pigs and Pugs2017-05-19 
16Bob Loves Mona2017-05-19 
17Don't Rain on My Pug-rade2017-06-16 
18Their Royal Pug-ness2017-06-16 
20Walking the Bob2017-06-23 
21Hissy's Kitty2017-07-07 
22Polly Wants a Pug2017-07-07 
23Leave it to Beavers2017-07-14 
24Counting Sheep2017-07-14 
25Captain Rolly2017-07-28 
26The Coolest Dogs in Town2017-07-28 
27Puzzling Pugs2017-08-11 
28Rhapsody in Pug2017-08-11 
29The Legend of Ol' Snapper2017-08-25 
30Adventures in Puppy-Sitting2017-08-25 
31A Seat at the Theatre2017-09-22 
32Bye Bye Butterfly2017-09-22 
33Return to the Pumpkin Patch2017-10-01 
34Haunted Howl-Oween2017-10-01 
35Close Encounters of a Pug Kind2017-10-06 
36History Mystery2017-10-06 
37Art for Pug's Sake2017-11-10 
38Winter Wonder-Pug2017-11-10 
39A Very Pug Christmas2017-12-01 
40The Latke Kerfuffle2017-12-01 

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